Flyte’s Floating Bulb Makes You Feel Like Tesla…for a Price

Do you want to feel like a kid again? Then you may want to check out this Kickstarter for a Tesla-inspired floating light bulb called Flyte.

The light involves a wood-toned base and a floating bulb available with a wood or metallic based. All the available colors look classic in a very cool way, somewhere between “first inventor of the light bulb” and “mad scientist.”

Flyte, the brain child of Simon Morris, uses the traditional magnetic levitation process to make the bulb float, but those electromagnetic waves also prove enough power to light up 4 LEDs (constructed to look like an incandescent wire) via induction, a.k.a. the type of science that makes you want to cackle.


There are an impressive number of style options for a Kickstarter project. The base is available in ash, oak, or walnut. There’s a fancier premium base for really showing off the light. For the kid inside you, there’s also a Flyte Makers Kit that’s just the basic levitation platform and magnetic that allows you to experiment with floating stuff all on your own, perfect for a DIY masterpiece.

The fly in the soup of this deal is the price, which is definitely on the high side. Even the early bird price is fairly steep at $249. The premium model will cost you $529. The makers kit, however, is only $149. Of course, you can also pledge less, but you won’t be guaranteed one of the bulbs. Also, we have to ask: What happens if the LED lights fail? Is it broken forever? Is there any way to order replacement parts? It doesn’t seem like it, at least not for now.

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