Flying Hoverboard Lets You Shred The Waves (video)

Ever since Back To The Future 2, we’ve all wished hoverboards were real. Now, they are (sort of). And the best hoverboards for under $200 can be purchased without concern to fire safety. Which is to say at this price point, you’re getting a great product. French jet ski champ Franky Zapata – the man behind the Flyboard personal watercraft – has worked his aquatic genius talents to come up with the flying Hoverboard. The new aquatic device will take riders to new heights above the waves. So while his Flyboard propels riders into the air thanks to two water nozzles, Zapata ditched the two nozzle design and used a single stream design that has water shooting out the back of the Hoverboard, which propels it forward and up with jets of water. It also sort of looks like a wakeboard, with riders mounted to the device by their feet and without the need for a board to pull you along. Exhilaration on the high seas comes way by the Hoverboard’s ability to go up to 23 miles per hour while shooting you up to 16 feet above the water’s surface.


You can have some fun either in a like or in the ocean, but the body of water must be at least 13 feet deep. And if you’re pretty skilled at wakeboarding (or even snowboarding), you’ll be able to perform tricks like somersaults and spins. But these feats aren’t going to be done overnights; riders will need at least an hour of training to get the grips with the controls and to make sure they’re safe on it. If you’re an thrill-ride seeker or just looking to add some fun to your summer adventures, you’ll be able to get your hands on a Hoverboard later this summer, with pre-orders being taken for $5,850 (or $2,675 for a conversion kit for the Flyboard model if you already have one).

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