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Flying Alarm Clock

Snooze no more thanks to the Blowfly alarm clock. It works by launching itself at the preset time, hovers in the air and emits an annoying buzzing noise much like that of a Nat or mosquito. To get the Blowfly alarm clock to shut up, you have to peel back your crusty eyes and catch the little bugger. Not sure how high it flies or where, but if you got low ceilings you might wanna consider your standard alarm clock placed out of arms reach.

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  1. Forrest Radford

    there is no place where u can get the blowfly clock because It hasn’t been released yet. It is going to be mass produced but they are making some changes. There is a clock like it which is quite good. Works very well, but probably not as much as the blowfly will be. The other clock is called the flying alarm clock. The cheapest place u can get it from is Hope this helps. Forrest

  2. bob

    this is fuck’t

  3. Roy

    we produce this product ,we only sell this products to wholesales.
    our competitive price ,high quality

  4. Roy

    hello everyone,we are a toys manufacture in china,we produce the”Flying Alarm Clock”,if anyone interesting in this products,please contact with me by email:
    our miu order is 2000PCS,thank you!

  5. ELENA

    when and where can be purchased ?
    Thank you,

  6. How much is this clock?? Interested in getting 1 for my collections

  7. Nicola Reggiani

    Has anybody bought it?!

  8. stefanny

    please!! i’m in taipei (taiwan) for 2 weeks and i cannot find this clock!! anybody can help me to find it??? thank u !!!

  9. viviana plaga

    where can I buy one flying clock???

  10. Please send to my e-mail for detail info.
    and I wish to buy this clock..
    thanks a lot

  11. d zoukis

    can you buy the flying alarm in the US. I have a friend who lives in Belgium is there a place to buy it there?

  12. JiN

    Where can i get this gadget?
    Im in U.S. in Ma around Boston.

  13. Ezkell Nekem

    Where can I by Blowfly alarm clock? In London…

  14. Jimmy

    That is one cool clock..a flying clock!! Who would of think of such an ingenius gadget..

  15. yeah, I know everyone’s asking, so sorry to sound like a broken record, BUT IS it availabe to purchase. I heard about it in Guiness Book of Records, so I assumed it was in production… Please let me know…

  16. anonymous

    can u tell me were i can buy this or clocky

  17. Marolyn McCreery

    Where can I purchase the Blowfly Alarm clock?

  18. Mike

    do you know where i can bay it in norway oslo send me mail

  19. Larlar

    please tell me, how to buy?
    i like this thing.

  20. viral

    Hi All,

    Kindly request yo to letme know thr price for the product as i am interested in purchasing the same, also if possible please let me klnow where is available in india. secondly if not then how can i get the product in Mumbai India.?



  21. Nicole

    I’m liking that product, I’m from Canada and would like one, where, how do I purchase one?

  22. Race-Eendje

    Hello … Interested too ! From Belgium asking where to buy ?

  23. Linda

    Hello , could you tell me how to contact her?
    i am very interest in this product,,,,,

  24. Dear Sir,,,

    How and where can i buy the blowfly alarm clock . Just please send me the

    Adresses or the phone numbers .


  25. Sammy

    Is it possible to send me one? When this Blowfly will go into market? I’m in China, pls let me know if someday I can buy it in somewhere, thx.

  26. Sam

    Just wait till the battery runs down and it hits you in the face.
    How do you say lawsuit in Korean?

  27. Nicolas

    Where can I buy. i’ve find clocky, but not Blowfly.
    I WANT IT !!!!!! It’s terrible :DDD

  28. Anonymous

    ITS A DESIGN!!!! Not yet invented!

  29. Anonymous

    now then now then, plz tell me where i can buy one, i need 2 get up in the morning and i cant think of a better way than jumping up and down trying 2 catch a hovering alarm clock:

  30. Anonymous

    Ceiling fans might pose a problem.

  31. Hi Mort,
    It is design only but maybe you can commission the designer to build one for you :).

  32. Mort
    is very slow and somehow difficult to understand where to find information.

    Is there a shop that sells this blowfly ?
    do you sell them by yourself?

  33. Anonymous

    Do U know, where is possible to buy? I’m in UK and didn’t find any shop :-/ Please give me note:


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