Flyboard Air Has an Entertaining Hoverboard Video…and Wild Claims

Needless to say, the below is not the best hoverboard for kids. Although it does look like tons of fun despite being dangerous. Have you ever run across one of those YouTube videos that looks super fake, but you just have to share it anyway? So have we – allow use to introduce the latest version of the Flyboard. The first generation of the Flyboard looked…well, interesting and somewhat doable, propelled by water and allowing you to skip along reasonably still lake surfaces. But this Flyboard Air, created by Zapata Racing, looks…crazy.

We encourage you to actually watch the video before reading on, because once you get to Zapata’s claims about the Air it becomes more likely this is a prank, or a hoax that doesn’t know when to stop. Zooming around 20 feet or so about the water in full helmet and hoverboard? That bit of tech news looks really cool. But the more you learn about the Air, the more it looks “really Photoshopped” instead.

Briefly: The Flyboard Air is supposed to fly for around 10 minutes before it needs…something. Refueling? Recharging? It’s also supposed to go up to 93 miles per hour (while you stand on it, which works great if you’re Spiderman or, of course, Green Goblin) and up to 10,000 feet in the air (which works great if you are a professional skydiver with an oxygen mask or, we suppose, Green Goblin). No specifics have been given on how it works or what kind of technology it uses – all we know is that there aren’t any plans for a consumer-facing product any time soon, possibly because the insurance fees required to fly this hoverboard would single-handedly bankrupt the planet.

Okay, maybe we’re taking this too seriously. Just look at the cool video of a guy hoverboard around a lake like he’s training to be a superhero, and maybe play some of your favorite pump-up music over it for best effect. If we learn anything else about how the Air works or if there’s a real prototype behind all this hype, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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