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When looking for the best professional drone, in the truest sense of the word professional, there should be a given set of features that must be met. The Flyability Elios is one such drone, and although it’s viability for amateur use is slim to none (heavy emphasis on none), it’s viability for professional use is extraordinary.

Why We Like It – Flyability Elios

The Flyability Elios is effectively a hodgepodge of all the best drone technology, such as DJI’s remote controllers and Lightbridge system, and the best tablet technology, such as those found on Samsung Tablets, combined into a single, easy-to-fly unit that makes exploring dangerous areas a easy.

  • Fast for a Confined Spaces Drone
  • Can Roll Along Floors, Ceilings, and Walls
  • Thermal Camera
  • Low Battery Life


The speed of the Flyability Elios shifts from 1.6 meters per second to 6.5 meters per second depending on what mode flight you have it set on. Given the drones status as an indoor inspection drone, these speeds should be more than adequate. But if you want a more traditional, fast drone that you can fly outdoors, consider the DJI Inspire 2.


The Flyability Elios has a flight time of 8-10 minutes. While this may be considered good for an indoor drone, it’s on the low side of drone flight times as a whole. For something that lasts longer, try the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The Elios also comes with a distance lock programmable between 30cm and 200cm which will be fantastic for exploring potentially dangerous areas during visual inspections.


The Flyability Elios comes complete with a carbon-fiber cage that completely surrounds the aircraft itself. And while it is collision tolerant because of this, it’s not collision-proof, so be careful. Check out the DJI Mavic 2 Pro 4K Drone for a drone with obstacle avoidance. The cage itself is also a three-axis gimbal for camera stabilization, but also allows you to roll along floors, ceiling, and walls.

Camera Features

The Elios has two image sensors: a full HD visible-light camera and a low-resolution thermal camera. The thermal camera is perfect for low-light situations and the visible-light camera ensures you get the clearest picture possible on your live video feed. It also carries a lighting system composed of high-intensity LED lights for brightening objects close to the drone.


Flyability has incorporated various pieces of DJI technology into their Elios model. Among these is the controller which will make users of the Phantom or Inspire series feel right at home. It also uses DJI Lightbridge to send and receive video. It also comes with a Samsung tablet with Flyability’s app Cockpit pre installed so you can get to flying right away.

Flyability Elios Wrap Up

Truth be told, you’re probably not going to be able to try this drone out in a fun way. Flyability has required that new customers have company-sponsored training before using the drone as it’s a serious, industrial tool intended for sophis­ticated users. But if you’re one of these people, then go for it!

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