Fly6 Taillight And Camera Protects Cyclists On The Road


If you’re a cyclist, you might have already invested in a helmet camera. Much like Russia’s insurance industry makes owning a dashcam a necessity, cyclists know the value in recording everything that’s happening as they pump pedals. But how do you cover the back end? Fly6 has the answer.

Cover Your Back

The essential idea behind the Fly6 is that if drivers know that they’re being recorded, they’re more likely to give cyclists space. It uses a 130 degree lens, recording at 720p at thirty frames a second. It’s also time-stamped, and unlike many of these cameras, it’s got audio built in. Everything you need, at least in theory, to make sure you’ve got a record of bad behavior; it loops its recording, but you’ll always have the last two hours of footage. The battery is good for five hours.

Light It Up

It’s also, as we noted, a taillight, and it’s actually a pretty good one. The LEDS are bright red, of course, and offer a set of flashing options. It’s currenty at ten lumens, which is generally good enough for most bikers, but they want to get that up to 15 before the product hits the open market.

A Question Of Behavior


We do have a few questions, though. The first is that while bad driver behavior is undeniable, we’ve got to wonder if this camera will limit bad cyclist behavior; after all, part of the problem pedestrians and drivers have with cyclists is the fact that they try to switch between being one and the other whenever it’s most convenient.

The team also admits that low-light and total darkness conditions are problematic, something we hope they fix before this hits the market. Either way, though, it’s a smart addition to a biker’s safety kit, and will hopefully make everybody a bit more polite on the road. You can currently buy it on Kickstarter for $115.

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