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Floating Magnetic Bed

Magnetic Bed

Why we didn’t see this bed in Back To the Future 2 is unknown, but why people won’t be purchasing this to sleep on, is. No, it’s not because the bed floats in air free of wires, or that it took 6 years for Architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars to create, but because a full size, life version costs a whooping 1.2 million Euros! Supposedly, able to support up to 900 Kilos the floating bed, if you really want one, can be nabbed, scale model of course, at the reasonable price of 115,000 Euros. Either way, I want one.

Magnetic Floating Bed – A Design Masterpiece [Born Rich]

7 Comments to Floating Magnetic Bed

  1. jack

    it was so graet because im so fillthy rich i can buy enything boy i bout 5 of theis

  2. Einstein

    Better to float on my Girlfriend coz she is more comfortable and cheapy too.

  3. Noah

    Yeah, Kick ASS

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