Fliwer Uses Smart Sensors and Technology To Take Care of your Plants

Thanks to new technology and the Kickstarter campaign Fliwer, you can easily take care of your plants! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, plant care is simplified and made easy via Fliwer that uses your smartphone, tablet or PC to communicate with your plants so that you know what they need, when they need it and how. It’s like having a personal gardner telling you what you need to do for you plants and it will alert you if something goes wrong so that you can fix it as soon as you can. You can remotely control your plants’ well being from any device that’s connected to the Internet.


Fliwer is composed of a group of devices that monitor and control all the parameters that affect  the life of your plants. These devices are placed next to the plant and are responsible for controlling monitoring their vital status and send all relevant data to Fliwer Online Platforms. All Fliwer devices communicate with each other wirelessly forming mesh networks (Smart Grid), which allow communication over great distances. It also allows you to optimize the irrigation of the plants so you can save water since it will water your plants only when they need it. It’s also connected to meteorological services to take into account weather forecast in the maintenance of your plants.


Fliwer is can control  several species of plants that lie in the same zone if they have similar physiological profiles and it will alert you if they aren’t compatible so you  can reorganize it. The Fliwer Sensor is ready to be placed outdoors and is resistant to water and environmental agents since it’s made to thrive through any conditions. The Early Bird special will get you the Fliwer Sensor  and one Fliwer Link (3G or WiFi) if you pledge $199 or more.

Fliwer sensor

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