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Flint Laces Turn Your Boots Into A Multitool

I’m obsessed with multitools, even though I don’t need them and I’m not a survivalist. There’s something about creating maximum efficiency out of what was once wasted space that just makes what is apparently a boring nerdy engineer who lives inside me enormously happy. And yes, that extends to shoelaces.

Lace Up, Roll Out

Admittedly, Flint Laces are actually fairly straightforward for the most part. Yes, they’re made of paracord, but really, find something being sold to anybody even vaguely outdoorsy right now that isn’t either wrapped in paracord or designed to be wrapped in paracord. You can’t do it. And until some sort of other fad comes along, everything will be paracord. But hey, it is useful, and the tips of these laces are even moreso.

Start A Fire

Once you remove the tips of these laces, underneath you’ll find a one-inch Ferro rod. As campers already know, all you need with a Ferro rod to make a spark and thus a fire is a steel edge. Since there’s nobody with a working brain who goes camping without a folding knife or multitool, this pretty much means you’ve got a bunch of stuff fully capable of striking off these rods and starting a fire. Either that, or, well, you’d better hope that search party is on the stick.

Leather and Laces


It’s true that most of us don’t need bootlaces that can double as multitools, as most of us will probably never be lost in the woods. Then again, most of us are smart enough not to get lost in the woods in the first place. Anyway, if you’re the outdoorsy type, it’s probably a good idea to have these laced in your boots. Even if you stick to the trails, you never know when you’re going to need a little spark.

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