Fleabag Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Fleabag is the perfect show for anyone looking to find a hilarious love story. Fleabag’s fourth wall reactions will hook you in the first episode right away. This style of narration allows for a deeper look into the mind of Fleabag, which connects you to her character right away as you prematurely feel what she is going to say before she says it. Fleabag is written by Phoebe Waller Bridge, who has also written killing eve. There are other great shows like Fleabag that made our Best Shows On Amazon, so after you’re caught up here make sure to tune into other greats like The Americans or Babylon 5. And if you want to discover new shows, subscribe to other popular streaming services.

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Why We Like It – Fleabag Review

Fleabag is a hilarious show about the many misadventures of Phoebe Waller Bridge’s character, Fleabag. Fleabag occasionally narrates her story to the viewers, kind of like The Office or Saved By The Bell. Fleabag’s frequent breaking of the fourth wall is often a gold mine for hilarious comments and savage stories from her past that add depth to her character at many points in the series. This is a great series for anyone looking for a romantic, and funny love story.

  • Fourth Wall Narration
  • Hilarious vibes all around
  • Mundane life situations

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Fleabag is a very interesting character with the way that she reacts to the world around her. Her playful attitude towards the majority of her conversations makes for a great portion of comedy in the show. While sometimes it seems that the fourth wall commentary makes her seem more cynical with the situations around her, she still knows how to handle the majority of them like a boss. The show mostly follows Fleabag’s life, with appearances by her sister Claire, Andrew Scott as the Priest, or her godmother played by Olivia Colman.


Scenes in Fleabag are set to provide a warm feel by being well lit throughout the series. There are some confessional style moments during the series that remind me of the Office when the employees would reveal things to the camera. Overall, the fourth wall works very well to add depth to Fleabag’s story since the plot tends to jump rather quickly between scenes. If Fleabag’s story doesn’t interest you enough, the very next suggestions to try will be The Boys.


This is a great series to get into because of the tragic romantic comedy that it is. Fleabag goes through a majority of love trouble after losing her best friend, and it is interesting to see things from her perspective directly through the breaking of the fourth wall. It is also great to see her powerful independence shine through her endeavours as she powers through everything from love to managing her cafe. Hop on the first season already and get in touch with Fleabag there are only two seasons to catch up on for now.

Fleabag Review Wrap Up

Fleabag is a great show for anyone looking for a comedy series to get stuck on. The crazy adventures of Fleabag are entertaining enough alone, and the fourth wall breaking is also a nice touch to the series every now and then. Feel free to catch up on this Amazon Prime Video series now and get prepared to laugh for a long time all the way till the second season.

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