Flask Tie is the Best Way to Lose Your Job

Getting booze into a sporting event unnoticed is as simple as strapping on a pair of these sandles, dangling these binoculars over your neck, stuff this iPhone looking contraption into your pocket, or strapping on this prosthetic belly.  But smuggling booze into the office and hiding it in plain sight, now that’s another challenge all together.   Or is it?

Nope, it isn’t, thanks to this ridiculously stupid Flask Tie.  Packed inside the interior of the tie is a removable bladder like system that can be filled with whatever liquid you care to keep wrapped around your neck and impacting your posture.  In a rather surprising move, the Flask Tie uses a self sealing nozzle, which should eliminate spills and inadvertent squirts in the face (that’s what she said).  Of course there is nothing that says that you have to jam pack it with booze.  Though, what else would you use it for?

The Flask Tie is available now for $25.

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Christen Costa

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  1. The day I got the tie, I noticed the neck of the flask was broken because it was screwed in too hard. I called the company immediately and the owner told me he was aware of the problem as he received a large batch of pre-broken flasks. He promised to ship me a new container for free. Three weeks later, still nothing. I left him 2 voice messages and 2 e-mails to follow up. No answer. This tells me he’s not willing to stand by his product. DON’T GET SCREWED (pun intended) BY THIS GUY. He WILL ship you a broken product !!

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