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If your idea of the Best Office Chair is one that supports your back and is comfortable, the Best White Office Chair for you might be the Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair. This is because its backing is designed to touch on your lower and upper back. To cement its design, cushioning was added to the back for extra comfort.

Why We Like It – Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair

The Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair combines lumbar support and comfort by adding extra cushioning to the back, over a skeleton that supports both your upper and lower back.

  • Fair lumbar support
  • Easy to lean back on
  • Cushioning for the back
  • LeatherSoft material doesn’t allow for breathing
  • Armrests might press on your legs


For support, the Flash Furniture High Back Home Office Desk Chair uses built-in lumbar support to relieve your lower back, while its high back design targets your upper back. It isn’t much, but a fair improvement over the Modway Veer Drafting Stool, which just targets your lower back. For improved lumbar support, the Devoko Office Chair might be a better option for you.


While not as comfortable as, say, the Yamasoro Ergonomic Office Chair, Flash Furniture Office Chairs has a good amount of comfort. This is because the chair uses cushioning for both the seating and back, which means you get that lumbar support, with a bit of comfort for long use. However, the armrests might press against your legs if you’re a plus-sized individual, due to how far forward the armrests are designed.


As far as adjustability is concerned, the Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair offers the most basic of functions. Reach underneath from the front and you’ll find the tension knob, though the seat is good on being naturally easy to lean back on. And, of course, seat height adjustment, which can raise you to 21-inches off the ground.


As for breathability, the Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair has none. What’s being used for the back and seating is “leather soft.” Yes, it’s soft, but also cheap, will fall apart easily after a year of regular use, and will stick to your skin on a hot day. At least with the Modway Veer Drafting Stool, its black mesh will keep you cool.


For what the Flash Furniture Chair offers, we’d say $129 is right around what it’s worth, especially if you want decent lumbar support but also some extra comfort on your back. Also, it’s built more sturdier than the AmazonBasics High Back Leather Executive Office Chair, due to the metal legs rather than plastic.

Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair Wrap Up

The Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair is what you get when you want that lower and upper back lumbar support, but also some extra cushioning for comfort. With basic adjustability, it’s also pretty easy to lean back on. But make no mistake: the seating material won’t last long, so considering getting a cover.

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