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Fizzics Beer System Adds No-Frills Fizz to Beer

Fizzics System
The Fizzics Beer System adds fizz to any beer.

Crowdfunding and beer are going together like…well, like anything else and beer. From craft breweries raising money to start new brews to Pico giving you an in-home way to brew beer even if you’re clueless, it’s been an interesting ride through recent appliance reviews. Now a new contender is pushing into the market after successful crowdfunding, and it’s called the Fizzics Beer System.

This gadget isn’t trying to brew your beer for you or raise money for new experiments: It’s trying to make your old beer look and taste better. The System itself looks like a compact coffee maker. Put a beer nearby, thread a tube into it, pump in your beer, then use the System as a tap to pour the beer out the other end. It makes your beer more fizzy and gives it some extra head on the pour…and that’s about it.

No CO2 or any other gases are used, just a few air flow tricks to improve the beer. The Fizzics team claims that this makes the beer look, smell and taste better, with a more vibrant mouthfeel. The kitchen appliance works with pretty much every type of can and bottle, right up through a hefty growler if necessary.

Fizzics System

Would you add instant fizz to all your beers, or just some?

Craft beer fans may be justified in recoiling from this. The carbonation of craft beers is carefully managed and intended to complement the type of beer and taste – making most dark beers extra fizzy sounds like a great way to ruin them. But for more sparkly beers like Hefeweizen, this could be an improvement if you have an older or store-bought beer that you really want to pack a flavor punch. In other words, it’s made for anything but fresh beer, and would be of most use in areas where newly made beers are hard to find.

If this sounds like something up your alley, you can get a Fizzics Beer System for $170, plus whatever a few AA batteries will cost you.

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