Fix a Mouse Scroll Wheel

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Updated February 10, 2023

The best computer mouse can come with benefits that make users’ lives easier. However, anyone whose experienced a mouse on the fritz knows just how annoying it can be. Specifically, a malfunctioning scroll wheel can cause a lot of grief. So, if you’ve been plagued with this specific style of cursor woes, below we’ll instruct you on how to fix a mouse scroll wheel.


  • Mouse wheel issues can result from outdated software or physical damage/blockage.
  • Always check the mouse batteries and the USB port connections when assessing for scroll wheel issues.
  • Check for driver updates on the computer’s device manager page. Run any necessary updates, then restart the computer.

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Insider Tip

To check if your mouse is experiencing a hardware failure, plug in a separate mouse before running through software updates.

How to Repair Your Mouse Scroll Wheel

Before we get too far ahead, let’s talk about what a scroll wheel is. The scroll wheel is the part of the mouse located at the top, and when you rotate it, the page scrolls up or down. Many people rely on this convenient feature, but sometimes it gets stuck or stops working completely. This sort of mouse is different from an infinite scroll mouse.

The scroll wheel can malfunction for a handful of reasons, whether software issues or physical damage. These issues are anything from the scroll wheel jerking the page view around or ceasing to work altogether. Thankfully, most of these solutions are easy and require little technical know-how.

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STEP 1 Inspect for Physical Damage or Blockage

Often, a scroll wheel stops working because there’s dust or debris in the way of the sensor. To remedy this, take a can of compressed air and blow around the scroll wheel area. Then test to see if it works better.

STEP 2 Check Mouse Batteries or USB Port Connection

For those with a wireless mouse, try changing the battery. Once changed, check the wireless signal. If you have a USB dongle, inspect the connection area and ensure it’s plugged in.

If you have a weird mouse, check the USB port. Try a different connection point if it’s not working.

STEP 3 Update the Mouse Driver

If the previous two steps don’t make a difference, you may need to perform a software update. First, go into your computer’s control panel and then into the device manager. Next, select “Mice and other pointing devices.” Enter the settings for the correct device and check for updates. Then select “Update Driver.” Once updated, restart the computer and see if the mouse wheel works.


Sometimes the scroll wheel is not the issue with the mouse but the application. In this case, update the app software if there are any available.

STAT: The scroll wheel is a mouse feature that’s been around since the 1990s. (source)

Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel FAQs

How can I increase the scroll speed of my mouse?

Enter your computer’s main menu and type “Mouse Settings” into the search bar. From there, you can increase and customize your scroll wheel response.

Is it possible to reset the mouse?

To do this, you need to access the device manager through the control panel and reset the mouse driver.

Can I increase my mouse pointer speed?

You can increase/decrease pointer speed within the computer’s general settings.
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