Five Person Exploration Submarine Provides Underwater Adventures

Five Person Exploration Submarine

Did you get the best remote control boat for kids this Christmas?

Christmas may be over, but this five person exploration submarine might have to go on next year’s dream gift list. For those who have lots of zeros in their bank account and can afford its $2,700,000 price tag (from Hammacher Schlemmer) comes loads of underwater adventures with their own submarine that can defend to a depth of 656′, making it the ultimate water toy for accessing reefs, wrecks and checking out rare underwater species. The five person submarine keeps its explorers safe and sound in its climate-controlled  3 1/4″-thick acrylic pressure sphere that enables conversation. It meets all of the safety guidelines of the  International Maritime Organization and is classified by Germanischer Lloyd with two independent life support systems that provide data on depth, internal pressure, temperature, battery status, thruster status and trim tanks status.

Five Person Exploration Submarine

It features  130- and 24-volt Lithium-ion battery banks that will provide users with up to 8 hours of continuous undersea exploration, while its dual-pontoon structure and broad freeboard makes for superior surface stability, even in rough water conditions. There are two horizontal thrusters that provide fore, aft, and directional control in addition to a maximum submersed speed of 2 1/2 knots (4 knots surface) while two vertical thrusters provide up and down control. Surface communication is done by a VHF radio while its  underwater telephone communicates while submerged. And don’t worry about not knowing what to do since it comes with comprehensive training.

Five Person Exploration Submarine

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