Fitbit One

So Nike’s Fuelband might be the coolest pedometer on the market.  The design is unrivaled and easily draws attention.  However, our testing proved it inaccurate and as a result probably not worth the $150 investment.  Nevertheless, it does sync directly with your iPhone via Bluetooth, which is something that Fitbit’s Ultra lacked.

That is until now.  Say hello to the Fitbit One.  It’s Fitbit’s newest and bestest pedometer, so far.  Needless to say, the design of the One easily eclipses the Ultra, and much like its predecessor it can track steps, estimate calories burned, and accurately track the amount of stairs you traverse thanks to the built-in altimeter.  An included wrist band allows you to wear it at night and roughly gauge your sleep cycle through tossing and turning, though keep in mind it won’t ever be as accurate Gear4’s Sleep Clock or Zeo’s headband-iPhone setup.

New to this iteration is Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which means you can wirelessly sync to your Android or iPhone and get your day’s data presented in an easy to read snapshot. Alternatively, an included USB dongle lets you sync to your computer from up to 20-feet away.  The One comes in Burgundy or Black,  and includes a metal clip as well as a free Fitbit membership which keeps your stats in the Cloud.  Battery life is rated for 5 to 7 days, which will of course vary with Bluetooth usage.

Expect the Fitbit One to ship at the end of October for $100.  You can preorder it now.

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