Fitbit Gets Into The Smartwatch Game With Three New Wristbands

The Fitbit is arguably the source of all the smartwatches arriving on the market. Tech companies noticed people had these around their wrists, and had to get in on that particular market. It’s left Fitbit both on the cutting edge and struggling to stay on top, and as a result, it’s swung for the fences with its new wristbands.

Fitbit Surge

First, out in 2015, is the Fitbit Surge. The Surge is essentially a smartwatch; it can pair with your phone, for example. But it’s also crammed with an absurd number of sensors. There’s a GPS to track your movements, pace, elevation and route history. There’s a 3-way accelerometer, a gyroscope, compass, light sensor, and of course a heart rate monitor to gather all the statistics you need. And it’s not only thin and light, it’ll last for seven days.

Fitbit Charge And Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge and Charge HR are a bit more restrained, but they’re still highly useful. The Charge comes with a step-counter, a sleep detection module, exercise tracking, and Caller ID, for when you get a call while in the middle of a set. The Charge HR has all of that, and includes heart rate measuring tools as well, so you can include that data in your look at how, precisely, you’re doing when it comes to your health.

The Fitbit Charge is actually available now, for $130, although the Charge HR is coming in 2015 as well. No matter which you choose, though, it looks like Fitbit is making an aggressive bid to stick to your wrist.

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