Fitbit Flex Wireless Fitness & Sleep Band

Our country is truly a vast morass of often conflicting concepts and hypocritical ideals. On one hand, we are obsessed with fitness, slim figures and “perfect” physiques. On the other, we refuse to ban genetically modified foods like most of the leading nations on this rock. Moreover we pioneered the drive-through donut shop. Krispy Kreme I’m licking my chops and sneering at you, inanimate sir!

Succinctly put, I was far from surprised to see yet another weight loss fitness gadget. But this one looks smart! Fitbit has just announced their Fitbit Flex wireless activity and sleep band. Fitbit says the wristband will track all of your day’s activities. You can track steps taken, calories burned, number of hours slept, distance travelled and even the quality of sleep. But I’m a writer by trade; no sleep for me. But the fitness elements are promising.

The Flex drops the LED screen found on Fitbit’s The One activity tracker. Yet the Flex is wearable and features a series of LED lights corresponding to your achievements, or lack thereof. But don’t worry, for those who need more details Fitbit has conjured an adjoining iOS and Android app. There you can set goals and sync your statistics in real time with a wealth of detailed info to help you cut calories.

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