Looking for the best fitbit? The ‘10,000 steps a day’ FitBit craze seems to be sweeping the US, which can only mean one thing: price drops. While the FitBit can already claim success this year, Summer 2015 seems to be its sweet spot for price drops… especially on eBay. If you love this FitBit you should also read our review of the NFC Gala ring.

Several eBay Powersellers are selling FitBits cheaper than you’ll find at traditional retailers like Best Buy and Amazon. Case in point: BuyDig’s eBay storefront has the lowest price online for the FitBit Charge at $99.99. The same FitBit Charge normally retails for $129.99 and is technically “on sale” at other retailers – Best Buy is $121.99, Amazon is $119.99 – but still, both at least $20 more than BuyDig’s eBay store page. Interestingly enough, the same FitBit Charge sells for $112.49 on BuyDig’s non-eBay retail website, so perhaps eBay is becoming a workaround for selling things cheaper than a distributor would normally allow.

eBay also is a nice place to hide from fees. The FitBit Charge sold by BuyDig offers free shipping in the continental US, and the seller only charges sales tax in New Jersey.

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