Fitbit Blaze Burns Out Investors with iWatch-Lite Features

Fitbit is very excited about its new color smartwatch, the Blaze. The question is, are you excited? Because the first signs are a bit troubling for the wearables company.

The Blaze itself is a bounty of fitness apps in a smartwatch form. Fitbit has brought to bear all its experience in the sector and built in a long series of workout apps, include PurePulse heart rate monitoring (we always like to see heart rate monitors, because they are by far the most useful tool when gauging a workout), on-screen workout walkthroughs, GPS, activity and sleep planners, music control, and more.

Like a more traditional smartwatch, you can also manage calls, texts, and calendar alerts. Everything is in bright color on an LCD touchscreen. The watch band is also made from plastic components to resist the usual fitness wear and tear. When it comes to software, it uses proprietary UI content (no Android Wear here), with the ability to channel various popular third-party apps like Fitstar, who is responsible for the on-screen workouts we mentioned above.

Fitbit Blaze Watch
The Blaze has neither Apple nor Android software – can it stand on its own?

The problem, as you may have guessed, is the appearance and overall move into the smartwatch market, instead of sticking with more dedicated fitness wearable technology. You can’t help by make comparisons with the iWatch, which is a vastly different product despite the superficial similarities – the Blaze just can’t stack up. As a result, upon announcing the Blaze Fitbit saw its stock drop sharply by 18% as investors tried to figure out just what Fitbit was thinking and who the Blaze was supposed to be for.

The company may have not had a choice: The convergence between smartwatches and fitness wearables is happening at high speed in front of our eyes. But for now, the Blaze is a combination of the two, an iWatch-Lite for fitness buffs that only costs $200. Let’s see how long the niche lasts. For more information, check out our electronic reviews for the top competitors.

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