FishBit Gives Your Aquarium Smart Controls, Water Sensors

FishBit is tired of your fish being left out of the technological revolution: Just because water is deadly to electronics doesn’t mean they can’t benefit, and this smart devices wants to make sure that even your aquarium gets a home automation makeover.

Behind this Kickstarter is a collection of sensors designed to closely monitor all the details of your aquarium environment. If you’ve ever tried taking care of fish, you probably know just how delicate they are regarding their water and surroundings. The more exotic fish can only survive if everything is just right – and FishBit makes sure that happens.

First up is the monitor (waterproof, of course) that can test the water for pH levels, salinity, and temperature, all the big factors when keeping your fish happy and healthy. However, FishBit also includes a controller for lighting, pumps and other aquarium equipment that you can turn on or off as needed. Since this is a smart device, controls are also available via a smartphone and a wireless signal for remote control and check-ups.


A simple idea? Sure. A great niche market? Bingo. FishBit sounds like a great device for busy college students, hassled restaurant owners, young families, and quite a few other consumers who have fish tanks they need to take care of, but not always the time and attention that the aquarium requires.

Right now, FishBit is concentrating on a small, limited release Kickstarter to create a beta version of its product – a smart move that many projects forego but which is a welcome development here. You can still donate if you want to participate in the project. The first Beta units are expected to ship sometime in the summer, while the final project development is expected to take place late in 2015. The Kickstarter page also has some interesting photos of the development process thus far.

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