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It’s hard to imagine that a simple hair clip can save your life, right? Well, believe it because that’s exactly what the First Sign Hair Clip does. First Sign Technologies combines a simple hair clip with a mobile application that will automatically call for help and collect evidence at the first sign of an emergency. The Indiegogo campaign will protect you against violent crimes. The clip can detect impacts like a punch, slap, kick, or shake via its accelerometer and gyroscope, which will automatically trigger an alarm while evidence is then collected from its microphone. The clip is totally discrete so no one will know what kind of device it is. All you have to do is place the clip in your hair or clothes close enough to your body so that it can measure any sign of violence correctly. If something happens where it was a false alarm, you can deactivate the alarm (if you’re a runner, the device will automatically go into Runner’s Mode, so it won’t go off with all the vibrations). This device could also provide you significant protection even from your best wheel chair.

Another great feature is that it uses Bluetooth to access your phone’s GPS, camera and microphone and can also use its cell signal to call and transmit info to the monitoring station. So if you don’t deactivate it after 15 seconds, professional security monitors will review the event in real-time and alert emergency contacts with the incident address and more. The clip is a great device to use if you’re exercising alone, while traveling, for elderly parents, while driving or anytime you feel a bit unsafe in a particular environment. Feel safe and protected by getting your own First Sign Hair Clip for $50 with estimated deliveries taking place November 2014. For another piece of cool tech, check out our review of the Philips, brings light therapy to the computer monitor review.

First sign hair clip

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