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First Look: Marshall Major Headphones (video) (update)

Update: We just posted our Marshall Major headphone review.

After months of waiting and then harassing Marshall’s PR company, I finally have my review pair of Major headphones.  They were announced in October of last year and received their fair share of fan fare and attention thanks to the brands 51 year history.  Released alongside them were Marshall’s Minor ear buds, which are just a rebranded version of UrbanEar’s Medis.  As a result we passed on reviewing them since we already took a look at those buds late last year, albeit without the Marshall branding.


The vinyl used to finished the band and earcups of the headphones, which is also found on Marshall’s amps, is very supple and soft to the touch. Though, I would have preferred some additional padding in the cups since they’re of the supra-aural ilk, and sit on top of the ears as opposed to around them.  What little padding that does exist is sort of comfortable, but after a few minutes it’s hard to forget that you’re wearing a pair of headphones.

I plugged them into my iPhone and at first blush I’m relatively impressed with their sonic range, producing a relatively even timbre, though they did sound a bit bright while listening to the “Black Keys” and a few other bands.  At full volume there is little to no distortion and the sound quality doesn’t seem to degrade with amplitude.

The Major’s are billed as a collapsible pair of headphones.  I have a hard time agreeing with this statement in full since the ear cups fold in, which hardly qualifies as collapsible, at least in industry terms.  If the band folded in half I might be singing a different tune, but that isn’t to say they aren’t made more bag friendly when the ear cups are tucked underneath the headband.

Design wise the Marshall branding along with the vinyl is a very nice touch, as are the “Marshall” gold plaks found in the inside of the band above the L and R indicators.  I did take issue with the adjustable portion of the headphones, which are essentially metal rods sliding through a plastic holder – they felt cheap and we’rent smooth in operation.

Keep your eyes peeled as well have a review up in the next week or so.

The Marshall Majors are currently sold out direct, but you can buy them from a few retailers via Amazon for $99.99.

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