Firefly LED Guitar Pick Creates a Rhythmic Light Show (video)

For those guitar players out there, amp up your talent with the Firefly LED Guitar Pick that will create a rhythmic light show that’s synchronized to your tunes as you play it. The Kickstarter campaign is like a portable light show that will enhance any live gigs and make fans swoon over your jams. The pick features very bright LED that are  driven by a high-speed sensor system that can detect playing styles of all kinds. Powering the small pick is an ultra-thin lithium-ion battery and is rechargeable via micro USB. And it looks and feels like a regular 3mm Big Stubby pick and with high quality components that will last for quite a while and for thousands for gigs.

Using the Firefly pick is like using any other pick and you just let its carefully-tuned algorithms perform a synchronized light show to your music, pulsing the embedded lights perfectly in time with the tunes. It also accommodates fast and slow action as well as rapid changes in tempo so it’s always in sync with whatever you’re playing. But the cool thing about the pick is that you can personalize it. It comes in one of four versions and one of nine colors, but you can build a combination that suits your personal style.

The Firefly Pick Original flashes quickly and precisely to a wide range of playing motion while ignoring unrelated movements, and is the most rhythmic option, while the Firefly Pick Air flashes in in response to hand motion as well as playing action, so it works on any body rhythm even without a guitar. The Firefly Pick Duo flashes one color of your choice on the up stroke, and a different color of your choice on the down stroke and can be more challenging to control than the Original, but provides users with great artistic potential and fun. Lastly, there’s the Firefly Pick Insanity that flashes one color of your choice on the up stroke, and one color of it’s choice on the down stroke. The pick always comes in white, but the light color options vary. Get jamming with a light show for only pledging $49 or more!

Firefly Guitar Pick

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