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Finally, We Have An Eye Scanner For Our Passwords

Admittedly, most of us don’t have a great password. We tend to balance convenience with security, and that’s not the best idea. But if you need to forget your password, and you’re overly paranoid, you finally have a eye scanner to feel like you’re in a ’90s movie about hacking.

Eyeball It

As you’ve probably already guessed, this comes courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer, fine purveyors of tech toys for people who have far too much money and who like to spend it on things like this. It’s a pretty standard biometric scanner, in that you let it take a photo of your iris, and it uses that photo as your password.

In theory, you can link this to pretty much anything on the Internet that accepts a password, from banking to shopping, and you can use your iris to buy pretty much anything. Which, of course, raises the question of whether you should.

Keep An Eye Out


Nothing against biometrics, but let’s be realistic: A stronger password is probably a better bet than a $280 gadget. On the other hand, it is a lot of fun to have a little eye scanner handy, and really, it might be more secure. If nothing else, it’s a great conversation piece, and unlike a lot of what Hammacher Schlemmer sells, it’s practical, at least to some degree.

We’ll remind you, though that this is the company that sells a beer bar that is also a bicycle. So keep that in mind, before you slap down that credit card.

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