Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 Classic Black Over-Ear Headphones Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Mashing around the corner careening toward the heavily guarded GR compound–hugging the bend’s contours with a tenacious grip only a lasting lover could appreciate–is the new Ferrari P200. Oh sorry! Not that kind of Ferrari–an Italian beauty of a different fashion. The new officially licensed Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 Classic Black Over-Ear Headphones has arrived. So, what qualities make it stuck up against the best over-ear headphones? Let’s discover more in our review.


The unit ships with a large hard black protective case with carbon fiber trim and a traditional Ferrari emblem on the face. Within we have the main Scuderia P200 headphones and three detachable cables. The cables are housed in a zipped net pouch attached within via velcro. So it can be removed for additional portability. This feature is similar to the Cowin E7 headphones. But, not like the Cowin E7 Pro, which doesn’t have a cable at all.

There’s one cable with a 3-button in-line remote control + mic for Apple iOS devices. You get another with a 1-button in-line control + mic for Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc. The third cable is for general music listening and is without an in-line control or mic. You also get an airline adapter, 6.3 stereo connector, a quick start guide, and a warranty. It’s an honest and fairly standard bundle for such headphones.

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The main headset is sure to grab attention. The shine from the chrome-on-black design is striking, without a doubt. The metal arms, for size adjustment, are lightweight but very rigid to move. This is good once you’ve set the fit you like, since slippage is not an issue. But getting there takes a bit of strength. The earphones are also angled forward and create a sportier look than most over-ear offerings. The headband is textured with both glossy and black matte styles above, and black padding underneath. There is an excessive amount of chrome used for my taste. But the use is understood to convey the sport’s car origins.

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Like the Audeze EL-8 open-back over-ear headphone, the AuLogic3’s Ferrari Scuderia P200 headphones use an open-back design. It’s a vented enclosure that makes use of 50mm speaker drivers. The resulting performance is laudable. Bass is deep and rich while clarity and pitch are retained with distinction. The soundstage favors mid-to-low tones more than high tones that lend themselves to more acoustic and live performances. Hip-hop, Dancehall, R&B, Soul, Caribbean, and the like benefit more greatly than Jazz, Metal, Country and other more acoustic-based genres. But again a good equalizer can balance some of the differences.


Other notable points are centered on calls and comfort. Call quality over the P200 is solid. Callers can be heard well and the reception on the other end is sufficient. The inline controls also work as expected. The 3-button iOS control uses rocker-style buttons that are responsive and function well.  These traits married with lasting comfort lead to a well-rounded and highly stylish set of cans. The earpiece and headband padding is made from breathable materials, which serve as comfort to prolong your music experience.

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[Rating: 3.5/5]

Very Good

Bottom Line: The Logic3 P200 Ferrari Over-Ear are better performers than they are eye candy and that’s a good thing. But undoubtedly they’ll turn the heads of those looking for a sporty yet classic look, which Logic3 nails without question.



  • Incredibly pleasant audio reproduction
  • Comfort in spades
  • Striking sporty design


  • Pricey
  • Styling is not for everyone
  • Rigid metal arms

You can buy the Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 Classic Black Over-Ear Headphones at Amazon for $249.99.

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