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FELT Audio’s Rewind Bluetooth Module Does Wires with Wireless

FELT Audio has developed a somewhat confounding earbud solution that is at the very least worth a quick look.  It’s called the Rewind, and combines Bluetooth with an eye catching corded headphone storage system.

Unfortunately, there is no word on a price or a launch date – expect that info to arrive at CES next week.  But what I do know is that the system is composed of a pair of corded headphones with 9.2mm drivers that can be easily wound up inside of what they’re calling a mobile storage system.   Three buttons on the side allow you to control calls and change the paired device’s volume, though surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be the presence of a microphone.  According to FELT Audio the built-in battery gets 4-hours of life on a single charge and they’ve included a special case that allows you to adhere the Rewind to the back of your iPhone.

It’s not clear if the included earbuds can be used standalone, but if not the design is a bit silly since a pair of Bluetooth sport like earbuds are smaller, often have a mic, and probably boast a comparable battery life.

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  1. Tony

    It has a mic both inside the Pulse and Rewind.

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