Feel As If You’re Flying With Onewheel, The Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard


We have our choice of two-wheeled fun like the TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard for Kids Hoverboard – Best Hoverboard for Kids, but now it’s all about one wheel. Or should I say Onewheel? The Kickstarter campaign for Onewheel , the self-balancing electric skateboard that’s the closest thing to a hoverboard. Thanks to its self-balancing technology all you have to do to ride is is lean forward to speed up the skateboard and then lean back to slow down. Riding one is as if you’re snowboarding or surfing and you can learn to ride one in merely a couple of minutes (that is if you’re not already used to board sports). Its sensors and algorithms are constantly helping you balance and control the Onewheel, with people used to board sports already riding aggressively within their first few moments on the electric skateboard.


The gyro and accelerometer sensors feed its processor, which then determines the exact speed to drive the motor based on how you lean your body. Powered by a 48V Lithium Nano-phosphate (one of the best batteries on the market), it can go up to 12 mph and has an electric range of 4-6 miles (but it will vary depending on terrain and riding style) before it needs to be recharged. It’ll take 20 minutes with the ultra charger and two hours with the standard charger that you can charge anywhere there’s a standard outlet. Right now, pledge $1,299 to get a first production one Onewheel with a standard charger or $1,399 with an ultra charger.


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