Back in October we reported on the FAVI wireless Bluetooth mini keyboard. It’s the latest untethered input device from FAVI. Recently the device has added the “Smart Stick” moniker to its existing name, offering full compatibility with the company’s new Smart Stick HDMI plug-in that throws web content up on your favorite new SmartTV. We can’t speak much on the Smart Stick and how well it holds hands with the  Mini Wireless Keyboard. But we can give you the geek-laden skinny on just about everything else concerning this new wireless toy, which could be the best keyboard of its size for PCs.

The FAVI Smart Stick Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a powerful little tool and comes with it’s own Bluetooth dongle hidden away in a compartment on the back of the keyboard. This is great for desktop PCs where onboard Bluetooth is often not included. With the two, you can wirelessly take command of any Bluetooth-enabled device, including desktop PCs, tablets, Smartphones and more.  Plus a back-light can be activated for night use or general low-light environments. If you like a gaming keyboard with a tenkeyless design and brilliant per-key LED backlighting, check out our Corsair K63 review.

Every single aspect of a traditional keyboard is here plus some. All the alternate function buttons are present, F1 through F12, dedicated media functions, Cap Locks, PageUp/Down and more. The top right of  portion features several LED indicators for Bluetooth charging, battery life and such. Charge it up with the included USB cable. Full charge for a dead battery, takes about 4-hours. Incidentally, in a week I think I have charged this little gem a grand total of “1-time!” The sucker has stamina. Would you like to experience Call of Duty, Apex Legends, or Black Ops 4 in a totally new way? Use the Gamesir VX.

The FAVI mini keyboard can also retire your mouse. It features buttons for mouse left- and right-click and a full touchpad to manipulate the mouse cursor remotely as well.  As if that weren’t enough, it can also enhance your presentations with its embedded laser pointer. Just hold down the button on the right and voila…laser pointer activated! Alternatively, you can use the laser to drive your house cat absolutely bonkers. They love chasing those things.

My two biggest gripes about the FAVI are the light-weight near-flimsy feel and the touchpad becomes increasing more inaccurate, the further you get from the receiving Bluetooth device. Neither of these are deal breakers. The receiving problems are status quo biz for Bluetooth devices. Additionally, if you have a better stronger Bluetooth dongle/adapter then you can use that to connect the FAVI Mini Bluetooth keyboard with noticeably expanded receiving range and performance.

Beyond these issues, the little wireless input device is exceedingly useful and rather fun to use. The buttons are responsive and typing on the FAVI SmartStick Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is speedy and intuitive. The keys give a slight tactile feedback to let you know they have been actuated, which helps with the ease of typing on such a small device.

The batter life is astounding and  the number of uses is quite nearly limitless. I use it to open programs, control media playback applications and to give my cat a thorough workout. Moving forward I hope FAVI can include a better receiving Bluetooth adapter and add a bit more heft to the package–an assortment of color choices might be a nice touch as well. But what we have for a sub $50 price point is a powerful tool that puts all of your computing input needs remotely in the palm of your hand.

Editor Rating:

[Rating: 4/5]


Bottom Line: This is a powerful wireless input device that is needs a sandwich to fatten it up. But really who can complain? The functionality for the price equals a no-brainer.


  • Pocket-size keyboard offers more than traditional keyboard
  • Wireless Bluetooth dongle include!
  • Uncompromising control
  • Battery with immense staying power
  • Laser pointer!


  • Light, airy plastic feel
  • May want to use an after-market USB dongle

The FAVI SmartStick Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is available for $31.87!

Shawn Sanders

Shawn has been writing about computer tech for longer than he cares to remember. He covers a wide variety of subject matter ranging from computer and laptop review to headphone and gaming headset reviews.

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  1. Great little write up thank you.

    You didn’t mention however the oddities with the red light such as red indicating device fully charged, and green? or blue? indicating dead. Other users have simply said when performance wanes plug it in.

    I’m sorry I don’t have additional detail but mine is charging right now and I can say it works quite well with any Android powered media stick!

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