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The Faraday Tote Is The Urban Badass Bag You’ve Been Looking For

Not too long ago, a bag was a bag…at least to men (definitely not women).  But that’s rapidly changing, as evidenced by companies such as Jack Spade, which makes not only clothing but a wide variety of trendy bags specifically targeted at males.

Joining the fray is Modern Industry, a crowd funded bag company based out of San Francisco, CA.  So far they’ve got two bags under their belt (along with a wallet) and they appear to be nothing short of impressive.  And while the Magnitude Backpack looks to be well worth its weight in gold, it’s the Faraday Tote that caught my eye thanks to an unorthodox approach to the long tried and tested bag format, the tote.

Now, to be candid, I’m not a tote kind of guy.  I find them to be a bit emasculating – not sure why, I just do.  But the Faraday Tote seems to overcome that thanks to its tough, masculine exterior and its ability to convert into a messenger bag.

In addition to being handcrafted and adorned with leather, the Faraday Tote is made from Martexin Original Waxed Canvas.   Interior space looks ample, even when it’s converted to a messenger bag by folding the handles over and locking them into place – in either format it can accommodate a 15″ laptop with a case. It’s just too bad there aren’t a separate set of handles when it is folded over, which would effectively make it a duffle.

The Faraday Tote from Modern Industry will be available in black or navy in very limited numbers for $325.

Faraday Tote-1 Faraday Tote-2 Faraday Tote-3 Faraday Tote-4

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