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Fantom Drives Review

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If you’re going for reliable transfer and read speeds, the Fantom Drives provides a tantalizing offer. Hook this external drive to any compatible device—PS4, Xbox One, PC or Mac—and you’ll have 7200RPM to contend with, in conjunction with its USB 3.2 port. Toss in varying sizes and it could be one of the best external hard drives for multiple devices.

Why We Like It – Fantom Drives

Its plug-and-play nature allows it to quickly connect to PC, MAC, PS4 and Xbox One, allowing for any device to take advantage of its fast 7200RPM.

  • Fast 7200RPM hard drive
  • Large capacity options
  • USB 3.2 port and cable included
  • Noisy
  • Only one USB port


The Fantom Drives have two key components going for it: fast RPM and USB 3.2 port. Why is that? With 7200RPM you’re getting some fast data rates. To prevent bottlenecking, you need a port that can handle that data transfer. This is where the usefulness of the USB 3.2 port comes in handy. It allows for that large amount of data to pass through because of the increase in RPM. In other words: less bottleneck.

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One thing to note: the Fantom Drives runs pretty fast and heat is a product of that. It’s imperative that you place the hard drive somewhere cooler to stretch its lifespan as it tends to get noisy when too hot.


The Fantom Drives isn’t winning any awards for aesthetics, that’s for sure. Built out of durable aluminum, it does a good job of protecting the mechanical parts inside and being a heatsink. To further reduce heat buildup, one side has a mesh face for better airflow. A single power button is on the other side, in addition to the power port, Kensington lock, and a single USB 3.2 port. We wished more than one USB were available, but this one does support 2.0.

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Should you get your hands on this hard drive? Considering price per GB, it’s slightly more expensive than both Seagate GoFlex Hard Drive and Net Media Share Device review and Toshiba Canvio Basics. But in return, you’re getting faster RPM—25% faster when up against a Seagate STGY80000. Another feature to consider is its compatibility. All you do is plug in a USB cable—which is bundled inside—and enjoy the fast transfer speeds. Furthermore, you have multiple storage options, as little as 1TB or as big as 16TB. It can be your one-stop storage compartment for multiple devices.

Fantom Drives Wrap Up

Fantom Drives might not be a household name, but it has guts. Its 7200RPM outpaces many of our entries, with a USB 3.2 to prevent bottlenecking, and it has beefy storage to boot. Unfortunately, it has only one USB port and can run a bit noisy if it isn’t well-ventilated.