FamiSafe GPS Location Tracker Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Most of the Best GPS Tracker apps for mobile devices are available to download from the Google Play Store and the official iOS app store. And the FamiSafe GPS Location Tracker is no different. Even coming with a version for Kindle, this location tracking has a true potential to be the Best GPS Phone Tracker. It may not make the list of best GPS tracker, but it works perfectly.

Why We Like It – FamiSafe GPS Location Tracker

The overall appeal of the FamiSafe GPS Location Tracker app pretty much comes from its vast list of features and its availability from official app stores. And the FamiSafe app doesn’t just offer the real time location of your kids phones, just like any ol’ tracking app. This phone tracker also provides explicit content blocking.

  • Available straight from the official Google Play Store and the App Store
  • Real time GPS location history tracking
  • Inappropriate content blocking
  • Customer service is not very helpful whatsoever


Just like the Glympse Parental Control App, the FamiSafe app itself doesn’t hurt the performance of mobile devices whatsoever. However, many users experience countless bugs after they install FamiSafe. So, that might hurt the mobile phone’s overall performance. But, if you don’t experience any bugs, you should be mostly fine. If you are in the market for a pet tracker, then you should go through our Findster Duo Pet Tracker review.


If you use FamiSafe on a good enough phone, the battery life degradation is not really noticeable, just like the Life360 GPS Tracker app. And even if you turn on way too many tracking features on your FamiSafe account, it still doesn’t draw much more power as you might expect. See also our Cocospy review for a similar GPS tracker.

Ease Of Use

The user experience of the FamiSafe parental control app is much better compared to something like Cocospy. Things like Screen time control, real time location tracking are very easily accessible on the FamiSafe app. The FamiSafe parental controls are also extremely easy to access.


As long as the app is allowed to be on the official Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, you pretty much shouldn’t have to worry too much about your privacy with this app on your mobile devices. But, you should always be mindful of that with other apps.


The value aspects of the subscription plans are really something that pretty much depends on the user. At $9.99 per month, it’s not the cheapest subscription plan out there. But, if you can afford it, the FamiSafe app truly is a fantastic tool to keep track of your phone.

FamiSafe GPS Location Tracker Wrap Up

So, overall, the FamiSafe GPS Location Tracker is a fantastic location tracking app. If you have multiple mobile devices that you want to keep track of, you can quite easily use FamiSafe by installing it from the Google Play Store.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image