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Falcon Eye Night Vision Camera Offers Color Images (Video)

Night vision cameras, as we all know from the movies and ill-shot videos of spoiled heiresses, offer one color: Green. That’s due to how the imaging is done, and it’s something of a problem in that monochrome doesn’t offer a lot of detail. The Falcon Eye, however, solves this problem with full-color night vision.

Strangers In The Night

falcon eye

Unsurprisingly, the Falcon Eye team is not exactly offering circuit diagrams as to how their product actually works, but the simple fact of the matter is that it does work. The video, as you can see, offers sharp contrast and full-color video in extreme low-light situations. In fact, it’s so effective that where conventional camcorders just see blackness, the Falcon Eye can pick out details.

Color Of Night

But why would color be so important to the kind of people who use night vision gear. Well, first of all, it offers a more defined, more visible image; instead of a green image that may not fully capture a face, color can make both the persons in the video and the actions they engage in more clear to people like, say, juries. Admittedly, the footage isn’t perfect; it only goes up to 720p, and as you can see, the video it shoots is a little grainy, even when you’re using a high-quality lens. But then again, we’re not shooting high-end Hollywood video, here; that’s what the Lumix GH4 is for.

Double Vision

falcon eye2

There’s currently no actual price tied to this camera, most likely because it probably costs more than a nice luxury car; this kind of technology isn’t cheap. But the good news is that as it spreads more widely, we’ll be better able to partake of it, meaning that within a few years, we’ll be able to spy on each other in full color. Probably using our smartphones. Isn’t technology grand?

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