Facebook VoIP Calls Now Available for the iOS

When Google Voice first debuted for the iPhone, you could make calls strictly over WiFi or your data plan.  But then Apple booted the app from the iOS app store, and I was stuck using Skype.  Not many of my friends have Skype, and if they do rarely do they leave it actively running and soaking up precious battery life.

Entering the fray today, Facebook announced VoIP calls for the iPhone, or really any iOS device.  Of course, much like with Skype, and assuming you’re looking for free (you cheapo), you’ll need to have a friend running the very same Facebook Messenger App.  But seeing as Facebook has over a billion users these days, there is a decent chance your best bud will have it installed and running.

That all being said, I’m told that unlike Google Voice calls, which redirects calls through your phone’s voice plan, all Facebook Messenger calls will happen strictly over data.  Excellent if you’ve got the unlimited plan, and just ok if you don’t.  But keep in mind this should in theory work throughout the world.  So while free VoIP calls across oceans isn’t anything new, it might have just gotten a bit easier.

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