Face Stealer iOS App Lets You Superimpose Someone’s Mug onto Yours (video)

Yahoo needs to be nimble, smarter, and more creative if they wanna compete with Google and those alike.  In other words, they need to create more apps like this, called Face Stealer.

Put simply, Face Stealer superimposes another face on top of yours.  But instead of just offering a still image of the augmented experience, it allows you to use the iPhone’s front facing camera and experience the face in real-time, as you smile, wink, grin, or frown. You can also share your abominations on Facebook or by email after you capture a screen shot of your face stealing pose.

The app was created by a team in Japan, is completely free, and can be downloaded from the iTunes app store right now.  Needless to say, it’s not perfect, and more an amalgamation of your face and someone elses.

I don’t have an iPhone on me (I use a Nexus 4 now) but it would seem that you can pick any picture, be it off the Yahoo image search (do they even have that?) or by taking a picture of a friend.  Once the photo has been uploaded to the app, it will prompt you to “map” the face to yours by selecting a few key points, which include cheek bones, mouth, and eyes.  And then like magic, you can start making all those creepy faces to your heart’s content.

Warning: the tech in the video has content mouth and it’s audibly annoying.


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