Facamword Spy Camera Pen Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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For those who want to feel like a spy, you’ll need the best spy camera; a spy can’t go without one. On that same note, a spy camera needs to be hidden, record in great detail, and perhaps record audio. The best candidate we can think of, to fit the bill, is the Facamword Spy Camera Pen.

Why We Like It – Facamword Spy Camera Pen Review

The Facamword Spy Camera Pen is built to record high quality full HD videos, snap detailed photos, and even record audio—all while hiding behind the facade of an unassuming pen.

  • Has a built-in microphone
  • Comes packaged with a 16GB micro SD card
  • Can’t tell it’s a camera
  • Memory card can’t be removed
  • Expensive


We won’t argue with the Facamword Spy Camera Pen’s recorded video quality: it’s impeccable at 1080p, full HD. That kind of quality will capture plenty of detail—especially with its very wide viewing angle. And the same goes for snapping images. You could get the same experience with the camera in our Divineeagle spy camera charger review.

Recording time is solid, able to record videos for an hour straight. Unlike other spy cameras, the Facamworld Spy Camera Pen can record audio. If we had to guess, it’s most likely to do with the illegal act of recording audio without the consent of other parties.

However, it is not built with Wi Fi capabilities or motion detection. For that, look to the Omples 1080p WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock, which also allows for real time streaming. A different hidden camera in our Fredi mini hidden camera review will also detect movement and then send notifications through the ‘MyCam’ App.


When you want to capture bad actors, a hidden camera is ideal. But you also don’t want to tip someone off. The design of the Facamworld Spy Camera Pen is amazing, simply because you can record someone without their knowing—just like you can with the DivineEagle Premium Smartphone Charger with Hidden Spy Camera. This contrasts greatly from the very obvious spy camera that is the SIRGAWAIN 1080p Battery Operate Mini Spy Camera.

By unscrewing the tip of the pen, you’ll reveal a USB port, which can be inserted into a nearby PC to review your recordings. However, hidden in the pen is a 16GB micro SD card that, unfortunately, cannot be removed.


Once we considered the performance of the Facamword Hidden Video Recorder Spy Pen, and everything it’s capable of doing—recording audio, taking pictures, high quality videos—we can say the Facamword Hidden Spy Pen has okay value, compared to other spy cameras.

Its biggest strike is pricing. To be fair, you’re getting a few more features than LKcare’s 1080p Mini Camera Spy Pen—specifically, an SD card and audio recording. However, LKcare’s spy pen is under $50 and can handle 128GB SD cards. It’s on you to purchase one, but they’re between $15 and $25. You’re still below half of what the Facamworld’s video recording pen.

Facamword Spy Camera Pen Review Wrap Up

The Facamword Spy Camera Pen has everything you need: high quality, full HD video recording, snaps images, and can record audio. It even has a built-in 16GB SD card. However, it is rather expensive. And its ability to record audio can get you into legal trouble should you use it for evil.

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