F-Pedals Bring Wireless Power To Analog Guitar Pedals


In a world of advancing digital technology, most guitarists are, and for good reason, defiantly analog in how they perform. Analog pedals are simply better-designed and offer better sounding effects, and if an analog pedal breaks, it might sound cool. A broken digital pedal sounds like a synth in a blender.

But pedals need power, and that means mess… which F-Pedal is trying to solve with wireless power.

Pedal Pushing

First of all, don’t worry, stringpickers: There’s no battery inside the pedal itself. You’re not going to lose power in the middle of a show or in practice.

Instead, these pedals use magnetic induction for their juice. If you’ve used a wireless charging mat, it’s the same principle; just slap down the stomps, hook them up, and get to work.


The main appeal here is to reduce setting up and loading out times; as any musician knows, half the gig is largely getting your stuff on stage quickly enough to actually get a set down on time, and the other half is clearing the way for the other guys. So these will make that process a lot quicker, and involve a lot less wiring, which is also a bonus, especially if the club’s electrical setup is pretty skanky. And let’s face it, every club’s electrical setup is at least somewhat skanky.

Pedal Power


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this with all your pedals; for now, the mat will only work with two of F-Pedals’ own design, as they work out how to best adapt the system to other people’s designs. But if you’re looking for a solution to your pedal wiring problems, the good news is that there really is one on the way. It might just require you to shift your setup a bit; these ship in April.

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