Extreme Max 5500 5010 UniPlow One Box Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Extreme Max 5500 5010 UniPlow One Box is an exceptional snow plow blade made perfectly for an ATV snow plow system. This heavy duty durable black powder colored, high steel plow, mounts perfectly to the majority of ATV frames. This unimount universal mount system is strong, durable, and will give you effective plowing in multiple situations. It mounts to the ATV frame behind the wheels, not in the middle or front, allowing for a quick, convenient, effective plow system. In fact, this may be the best ATV snow plow system offered in the United States. It is ideal for the best motorcycles.

Why We Like It – Extreme Max 5500 5010 UniPlow One Box

The Extreme Max 5500 5010 UniPlow One Box is a heavy duty blade that mounts to the ATV frame behind the wheels, not in the front or middle, which transfers the force in a way that allows for a smooth plowing experience. The push tube connection is strong, for a quick and convenient installation. When it comes to a line pull system, one of the best options to go for in in reviewed in the Keeper corporation kt2000 trakker 1 horsepower 12 volt electric winch review.

  • Easy to install
  • Behind wheel mounting
  • Durable
  • A bit pricey


This Uniplow one piece blade can mount onto different ATV mounting kits such as the Polaris Sportsman or the Plow One Box ATV kit. Based on customer reviews, the Uniplow One Box ATV plow blade has an excellent variety because this will fit on any ATV, just like the Black Boar 9 Position Adjusts 66016 does. This one box plow blade has an excellent welded push tube design for quick convenient installation. People found it extra easy and convenient to take it on and off, which is as important as the excellent performance it will give you. To power your bike with a low internal resistance battery, check out the Expertpower etx9 bs 1999 2009 replacement motorcycle review.


This 50 inch unit plow blade is clearly durable and it’s going to last you for a long time…even the most extreme weather. It’s designed for lighter duty applications such as residual use. Much like the Warn 78950 Provantage Straight Blade, this blade fits most ATVs on the market and after the initial installation, you can disconnect or connect the push blade in a matter of seconds due to the mount’s quick release design. All you actually need are two pins and you are ready to go. Each blade has a one piece replaceable ware bar that protects the bottom of the blade from damage.


For the price, this one box ATV plow system has everything you need in an attachable kit. For an affordable price, you are getting the universal mount, the assembly parts, and the plow blade itself… which is extremely durable and strong. Each blade is tested to make sure you get the easiest, most effective plow system available. Similar to the Warn 79403 Provantage Front Mount, for the price, not only are you getting a quality blade, but it comes fully assembled with minimal install time. Definitely a good deal for this quality product.

Extreme Max 5500 5010 UniPlow One Box Wrap Up

This ATV Extreme Max 5500 5010 UniPlow One Box kit is everything you need to get your ATV plow in motion. Along with the durable, high-quality blade, you get the universal mount and push blade. This will fit just about any ATV on the market and is easy to install thanks to the push tube feature that could be connected or disconnected from the vehicle in a matter of seconds, with a quick release design. Each blade contains a one piece replaceable ware bar that will properly protect the bottom of the system from extra damage. Definitely a quality product.

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