ExpertPower 12v9ah YTX9-BS AGM Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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As number 4 in the best atv battery buying guide, the ytx9 bs etx9 maintenance free battery is a sealed lead acid battery that has a long cycle life, and is easy to install. This DOT certified battery provides both safety and high quality performance for a cheap price. If you purchase one of the best motorcycles, you need to get a high reliable battery.

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Why We Like It – ExpertPower 12v9ah YTX9-BS AGM

The ExpertPower 12v9ah YTX9-BS AGM maintenance free power sport battery has a great price, and has enough cranking power to help start the vehicle during situations like stalling due to cold weather. Also, the buyer receives this versatile and user-friendly battery fully charged and ready to be installed into their vehicle of choice. The most trusted and highly reviewed battery on Amazon is discussed in the Expertpower 12v 7 amp exp1270 rechargeable lead acid battery.

  • DOT certified
  • Arrives to buyer fully charged
  • Sealed
  • Is for vehicles that don’t require much power


This sla battery has a cold cranking of 180 A, allowing the user to have a higher chance of successfully starting their vehicle if factors such as weather cause the vehicle to stall or even not start at all. Like the Chrome Battery Ytx12 Bs Igel Agm battery, it delivers 12 Volts. However, the chrome battery delivers 120 Watts of power for 10 hours, while the expertpower provides 108 Watts for 10 hours. Also check out other batteries with low internal resistance like the one in the Expertpower etx9 bs 1999 2009 replacement motorcycle review.


As a power sport battery, expertpower has been designed to be both safe and proficient in terms of performance. Like the Yuasa Yuam320bs YTX20L BS battery, it’s a sealed, lead-type battery that is maintenance free. Both batteries are delivered fully charged to the buyer and are easy to install into the user’s compatible vehicle of choice. However, one major difference is weight, as the yuasa weighs significantly more than the expertpower, which only weighs 6 Lbs.


The ytx9 etx9 bs agm maintenance free battery can be used for various vehicles such as street touring motorcycles, street motor scooters, all terrain vehicles, and street cruiser motorcycles. The reason this battery has such a low price is due to being applicable for vehicles that require lower amounts of power. Batteries such as the Chrome Battery YTX14 BS battery are approximately twice the price, but contain more material that make them applicable for vehicles that have a higher demand for power.

ExpertPower 12v9ah YTX9-BS AGM Wrap Up

Some customer reviews have stated that shipping has been an issue to the point of altering battery performance. Make sure to download the sketch app, the sketch free delivery tracking feature can be useful. Also, if there’s ever a need for assistance, joining a sketch group for a sketch chat might help, as there are people on the app who can provide advice on how the battery can be used for different projects.

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