Put your best micro SD card to work expanding your MacBook.

MacBooks are spectacular laptops. Most people will swear by them and love the way the work and the design they present. However, one complaint you will often hear surrounding these things is that, well, Apple can be a little stingy with the space, and most external storage solutions are ever so slightly… inelegant. Fortunately, everyone’s favorite Chinese company Brando has a solution.

Micro Size, Mega Storage

Traditional SD cards pretty much just hang out of your MacBook like a wart, so Brando actually had a fairly brilliant idea; create a micro SD card reader that easily slots into the port and blends in with the MacBook’s case. Just slot in a micro SD card, slip it into the slot, and you’ve got a seamless expansion. If you want to upgrade your computer completely, you should also read our review of the gold plated Macbook air.

Well, not quite seamless; there’s a small ledge for you to hook your fingernail onto in case you need to pull out the card for whatever reason. But you can essentially leave a lot of storage installed in your MacBook, and swapped out at a moment’s notice.


That’s a relief for MacBook users who need more space, sometimes a lot more, and it happens to be cheap, as well. Brando, being Brando, offers this little device for just $10, which is probably the cheapest accessory you’ll get for an Apple product. And hey, it looks good, which is just as welcome.

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