Everlast 100 lb Heavy Bag Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re someone looking for a heavy bag that is both pretty affordable and simultaneously pretty durable and good for training, you’ll be happy to know that you’re in luck. With its own PowerCore centre, durable fabric and leather on the outside and a good amount of impact absorbing it will make working out and training a whole lot more better.

While you may have to refill it at first to prevent any injuries and also get yourself some better chains, the Everlast 100 lb Heavy Bag is well worth its price, making it one of the best exercise equipment out there.

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Why We Like It – Everlast 100 lb Heavy Bag

Offering both durability, a good amount of impact absorbing capability as well as a pretty vintage yet nice look, the Everlast 100 lb Heavy Bag is among one of the best punching bags out there. It allows you to train your body, build up on you muscles whilst also making your bones stronger with it’s PowerCore centre. And while it may seem hard at first, after a bit of refilling, you’ll have yourself a heavy bag that is even used by professionals and also comes with a pretty good price tag.

  • Pretty Durable
  • Zipper allows for easy refilling
  • Adjustable chain to vary height
  • Straps aren’t the most durable

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To start off with the fabric used in the Everlast 100 lb Heavy Bag, you get a mixture of synthetic and natural fibres on the inside which make for a good amount of impact absorbency while synthetic leather with good webbing and construction on the outside makes for better durability. Paired with the PowerCore on the inside which contains sandbags, you get a good weight to the heavy bag which allows you to train with the movement of the bag and thus improving on your reaction times. Moreover, metal rivets inside of it allows the PowerCore Centre to provide you with a better alignment throughout the heavy bag.

However, do note that you shouldn’t hit the bottom or the sides of the bag without any boxing gloves or other form of protection as it will end up hurting you. This mostly happens due to the sandbags getting out of place and the weight shifting to the bottom after a while, but in the end it isn’t that hard to fix. Most people have refilled the punching bag as soon as possible which ends up preventing the sandbags from going out of place.

Apart from that, when it comes to setting up the Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag, you have to use some chains to hang it off a stable support which are then connected to the nylon straps on the top of the bag. However, as the Everlast punching bag review from many people shows that the chains aren’t the most durable, you’ll be better off getting yourself some better more durable chains for a few more bucks. After that you can easily adjust the height of the bag to your own needs, and get started on working out. It can even be helpful to adjust the height of the bag as the weight starts to settle at the bottom for better impact absorbency.


Measuring to be about 13 Inches in diameter and 59 Inches in height, the Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag provides you with a good amount of area to practice on your training. Thanks to the natural fibers inside, it provides you with a resilient shock absorbency, thus making the Everlast Nevatear punching bags an amazing fit for boxers and other martial artists alike. As for the outside, you get a webbed matrix of synthetic leather and vinyl which gives the bag the much sought after durability. You also get a yellow canvas type of material on the top which adds to the overall vintage look of the heavy bags.

Aside from that, when it comes to setting up the Everlast Nevatear Heavy bags, you’ll be happy to know that you can also anchor it to the ground to stop movement or even buy the bag, gloves and stand value bundle if you don’t want to hang it from the ceiling.


Priced at about $100 on amazon com, the Everlast 100lb Heavy bag would be the perfect choice for many of you out there. While you may have to spend a bit more on the replacement chains, and also refill it once you get it, considering the durability it offers, it is well worth it. You even get an easy setting up method and most importantly a good amount of training and workout possibilities thanks to the anchoring capability. And so, for both beginners and professionals alike, the Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag definitely is a good value equipment.

Everlast 100 lb Heavy Bag Wrap Up

Offering you both a good amount of durability as well as shock absorbency, the Everlast 100 lb Heavy Bag falls among the better quality punching bags out there. It won’t tear anytime soon, and while you may have to replace the chains at first, with an easy to use zipper for refilling as well as a bottom anchoring system, the Everlast Nevatear Heavy bag offers almost everything you can ask for. It comes prefilled and paired with the solid nylon straps, it makes for one of the training punching bags out there.