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Updated July 5, 2022
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The best backpacks have versatility. That’s why this caught our eye.

When I was reviewing the Asus G75 laptop, I had a serious dilemma: I normally carry my laptop around with me everywhere, but with a system as massive as that one, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to accomplish it. I had a number of backpacks from reviews at my disposal, but they all topped out at a 15 inch laptop compartment, more than two inches less than what I would need to lug around the G75. After a little research, I saw that my best option would be the Titan from Everki – a backpack so massive that it could easily handle the size of the G75, and with enough style and class that it looks like something you might see on a celebrity. It is one of the best backpacking backpacks.

EKP120 04 650x650 1One of the best things about the Everki Titan that I found out, is that it is completely airplane checkpoint friendly – you can load this baby up to the brim and still take it on a plane with you, and let me tell you – you can throw a LOT into the Titan without issue.  It is without doubt, the “Big Boy” in the crowd of designer backpacks, and it has enough features and accents to let it throw it’s wright around. To learn more on a similar bag that makes a bold statement right off the bat, go through the Booq Boa Flow Backpack Review. I was concerned when I saw the Titan on the website – surely a bag that huge would skimp on something, right?  Thankfully that wasn’t the case at all.  Rather than use a cheap material for the bulk of the bag, Everki uses a ballistic nylon to cover its behemoth. I brought up air travel, and I should also mention that there’s something for commuters as well in our guide to the best commuter backpacks.

EKP120 05 650x650 1Now I had never had an Everki bag before, so I wasn’t sure if this was common for them (news flash, it is), but the craftsmanship in the Titan really blew me away.  From the oversized zipper pulls, to the super tough stitching, the Titan was able to easily take the abuse I put it through on a daily basis.  Dragging it on the ground, tossing it from place to place, stuffing it fuller than I thought possible – all of these ordeals were nothing for the Titan.  Not enough for you?  Okay then, how about a balanced 5-Point harness system to keep it comfortably on your back?  How about Everki making sure that your smaller items ride in style by providing a super sleek polypropylene pouch?  Seeing how much care Everki has put into the Titan really made me wonder why other manufacturers out there were not giving the same treatment to their bags.

EKP120 08 650x650 1I looked into the design of some of Everki’s other bags (hoping to review more at a later date), and saw that the interior is set up much like the Flight – their other checkpoint ready bag.  What that means to me, is that they found the basic perfect way to make the interior work, and they’re not going to screw it up by fixing what isn’t broken.  I found no lack of places to store all I needed throughout my testing.  In the front pouch for example, you have what could easily be converted into a mobile office – perfect for a budding journalist on the go.  There are business card holders (which I needed desperately), pen holders, and a very nice mesh pouch that make up this section.  On top of this, there are some decently deep pouches that are perfect for either books, or some writing tablets. For business class individuals looking for a bag with multiple compartments e.g. pen & phone pocket. laptop pocket, front pocket, and hidden pockets, look at the MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack. Finally in the front of the Everki is a rain cover – big enough to enclose the entire bag and durable enough to beat most anything mother nature can throw at it, this rain cover will ensure that your precious gear stays undamaged in case the unexpected storm rolls in.

EKP120 09 650x650 1Something that everyone will see when opening the Titan is the bright orange interior.  It is very high contrast, and looks almost like the color hunters wear – this makes your bag really stand out in the world.  In the second compartment, there is a dividing panel with three zippered mesh pouches on one side, and a felt lined tablet holder on the other (or kindle holder if you prefer).  The compartment it divides is remarkably huge – with the section towards the front having numerous additional pouches (one zippered, three elastic) and a separate zippered bag (think pencil case) in it that works great for keeping track of any loose USB cables, while the portion towards the rear is plain with the size to store something as big as a bicycle helmet without issue.

EKP120 10 650x650 1Now we get to the reason I wanted to review this beast in the first place – the laptop holding portion of it.  For the fun of it, I put a small Lenovo 11″ laptop in it, and watched as it practically was devoured by the bag.  Not that this is a bad thing mind you – it was just comical to see this tiny laptop going into such a huge space.  The more robust and beefy G75 though fit into the pouch perfectly, and was extremely well protected on all sides.  I’ve often complained about other bags not having enough padding on the bottom for me to be comfortable leaving my laptop in them, but that’s not an issue here at all.  I have absolutely no qualms about leaving my livelihood – the way I make my money – inside of the backpack, because I know it’s secure.  Even beyond the base layer of security, the walls of the laptop pouch are also lined with felt (so make sure it’s completely off before putting it in), and the oversized zippers can easily have a lock attached to them.  As a final note, the panel here is stitched with a pattern – it’s nothing huge, but it is a nice touch of class when compared to some of the other bags I’ve looked at.

EKP120 11 650x650 1On top of the Titan (next to an oversized handle for easy carrying) is a small felt lined pouch that is perfect for an mp3 player, phone, or other small media device.  This keeps those entertainment devices close at hand in case the need to use them in a hurry comes up.  Right on the front of that pouch behind a small rubber grommet is something else not seen on the competition – a port for headphones to go through.  Again this is extremely convenient because you won’t have to open the pouch up when you want to listen to things.   There are also small pouches on either side (hip pouches) that are just the right size for a PS Vita, or other small electronic device (I’ve hauled my Vita in one multiple times).

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The Bottom Line:  The Titan by Everki is easily the best bag I have reviewed yet – it is solidly constructed, can carry damn well anything you need it to, and looks incredibly stylish at the same time.


  • It is designed to easily and quickly get on an airplane
  • The “raincoat” really works
  • Being able to haul around all of your business stuff in one pack is a huge boon


  • It could end up being a bit too big for people with smaller builds
  • Quality like this comes at a premium

You can get the Titan backpack by Everki from their online store for $199.99

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