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Updated June 27, 2022
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Is this a good mattress for sciatica? When I began outlining my Eve mattress review, I was both intrigued yet skeptical to experience the new revolution in the factory-direct foam mattress industry. I liked everything I learned about them, particularly the philosophy of cutting out unnecessary costs of middle men and the seeming jump in value with comfort relative to cost. It just seems odd to me that most traditional mattresses on sale today seem quite similar in construction to those that my grandmother purchased decades ago. Sure, many would argue that more traditional mattresses are still some of the best mattresses out there but not everyone agrees.

But my skepticism lies in what I consider the unknown long-term health effects of sleeping on new synthetic materials for which we can’t truly understand yet, and I suppose I’ll never know the truth there.  I’ve also been curious about the feel of foam, having only used memory foam cushions, which seem super comfortable initially but feel a bit weird over time.  Despite these concerns, I felt the need to see what all the five-star reviews are about.

Eve is a leader in the UK market of foam mattresses and is quickly expanding internationally, looking to take on the competitors over seas with their elegantly simple and competitively priced mattress that impresses in terms of comfort.

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Summary: The Eve mattress is supportive, comfortable and just as good as the rest of the pact.

Price: $499-$949
Available: Now

Ordering and Customer Service

Eve Mattress
The Eve mattress arrives direct to your door, in a box.

Eve’s free trial period of 100 days is quite competitive (I have not seen a longer trial period in my research).  This, along with a 10 year guarantee suggests the mattress should last.  The ordering experience and customer service were both excellent with personal follow-up correspondence through email to track the speed of the delivery via express mail. Overall, Eve leaves a strong impression in their concern for customer satisfaction.

Note: The Eve mattress, and all of its sizes (Twin to Cal King) are available at Eve Mattress.

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Setup and Initial Impressions

The total installation time took about five minutes and I was able to carry the box upstairs myself.  My initial impression was that the mattress was quite deep/high and it did smell like a new car, as their website suggests—not an uncomfortable smell but one you hope dissipates soon.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the feel of the foam, but it did not match my image of foam because there was a bit of a bounce to it and there was no odd memory after-effect of the foam taking a few seconds to lose the impression or indentation made by your body parts.  That would have been too weird to get used to for me, and was a big concern, no matter how comfortable the bed would have felt.  But that does not happen with an Eve mattress.

My first reaction was that it was very comfortable.  It’s on the firm side (on a scale of 1-10, maybe a 6 or 7 in terms of firmness), but that’s a good match to my preference.  And despite that initial new car smell, my cat was laying on it within about a minute of the unveiling.

Materials in An Eve Mattress

Eve Mattress Materials
The Eve mattress uses 3 layers of foam, but leaves out latex.

In total, there are three layers of foam in an Eve mattress.  In their early years, Eve, like many of its prominent competitors today, made use of a top layer of latex to avoid the limitations of memory foam such as the trapping of heat and lack of bounce.  The current design of the top layer has done away with latex for environmental concerns in favor of a new generation of foam (developed in the past few years) that apparently allows heat to escape more quickly and feels a bit more bouncy as opposed to spongy.

I can’t comment on how much it dissipates heat just yet, testing it out in the beginning of spring, but the slight bounce seems nice and was unexpected.  The fabric used for the sleeping surface is extremely soft and finely stitched, temping you to sleep directly on the mattress itself.  Eve advertises that the mattress is made without substances that are currently known to be carcinogenic (e.g., heavy metals, dyes, plasticizers), and conforming to UK standards on these issues gives me a slightly deeper sense of calm.

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10 Nights Sleeping on an Eve Mattress

I typically sleep on my stomach with my arms flailing out in different directions like a crime scene chalk drawing on the sidewalk (as my wife tells me), and occasionally shift to sleep on my side.  Because of this, I prefer a mattress to be a bit on the firmer side, so I’ve been very satisfied with deeper nights of sleep than usual so far.  I should note that an older relative slept on the bed for a one night visit and said that although comfortable, she preferred a very soft upper layer, so I think it comes down to this single preference in making the decision for this bed.  However, coming from a mid-level (similarly priced) traditional spring mattress that was getting old but caused me no discomfort, the Eve was certainly a substantial upgrade in terms of comfort.

The new car smell has subsided (I can still smell it when my nose is up to the mattress directly) but I hope and suspect that will fully subside as other reviewers suggest.  A final initial concern I had was about the lack of support on the edges, as I make use of my bed sitting on its edges. While you can certainly tell the difference with a slight sag when sitting on the edge, it’s not noticeable enough to effect my use of it in that way, for example, to sit down while I put on socks (at least not for my 160 pound frame).


After about two weeks of use I’ve been speaking highly of this mattress to friends—not just to share what’s it like to experience the new technology in mattresses today, but to potentially save friends some cash who are in the market for a new mattress.

One concern for me is that storage might be troublesome. I’ll be away for six months and wanted to store the mattress on its side, but that doesn’t seem advisable with the memory foam.  But I don’t see this being an issue for most.

The bottom line is that if this mattress retains its original form and comfort for at least a decade, it’s a great buy.  While I have not experienced the competition, I see Eve making waves in the U.S. with their affordable and pleasing design.