Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When you’re working with limited desk space, every accessory—while helpful—slowly but surely reduces your ability to move around. Headphones are one example. Use a stand, right? No. We have a better option: the Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Hook. It stores your headphones without taking up desk space, making it one of the best gaming accessories you needed yesterday.

Why We Like It – Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset

Easy to install and versatile, this headset hook provides an ingenious way to store your headphones without the need to clutter your desk space.

  • Hangs underneath your desk
  • Built-in cable loop
  • Rubber pads prevent damage to your desk
  • Only sufficiently handles one headset
  • Has one singular purpose


What put the Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Hook ahead of the pack was its easy-to-use form. Its cable management really helped keep headphones in the best shape they’ll ever be. You simply clamp the hook and you’re good to go. It’ll handle any pair of headphones you store on it, though it’s only limited to one. You can try two—it handles the weight but starts to feel cluttered. When you want to hide the headset, the rotating adjustable headphone arm swings 360 degrees.

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What makes the Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Stand so successful is also what limits it. The headset hook is small and compatible with desks that have a thickness of 7mm to 37mm. And its clip padding prevents scratches on wooden or metal desks. For wired headsets, a built-in cable loop keeps cables from dangling, like a pair of wired Turtle Beach Stealth 600. This kind of cable management can be improved further with a Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2.


The PC Gaming Headset Headphone Hook Holder Hanger Mount Headphones Stand with Adjustable Rotating Arm Clamp Under Desk Design Universal Fit Built in Cable Clip Organizer Eurpmask is surprisingly good. It is limited to one singular purpose, however; it only holds a single headset. For example, you wouldn’t place a pair of J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses Gaming Accessory on the hook, which is a bummer. Still, for what it sets out to do for $13, it provides one of the most simplest tools to reduce clutter at your desk and create a storage location for your headset.

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Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Wrap Up

The Eurpmask PC Gaming Headset Hook has one singular purpose: store one single pair of headset. But it does that job better than most considering it carries out that task without taking up space on your desk. It offers cable management too with its built-in cable loop, and the clamp design has pads to prevent scratches. It’ll be the best $13 you’ve spent in a long time.

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