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Eureka Easy Clean 71B Review

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Updated December 1, 2022
88 Expert Rating

The Eureka Easy Clean 71B’s strong suction makes it a shoo-in for the best pet vacuum. It’s designed to be the best vacuum for pet hair, in its own right. And since it’s so small and easy to wield, it crosses over as the best car vacuum, too. More importantly, its Riser Visor system is intelligently designed to clean stairs and upholstery. Find other household cleaners with this list of best vacuum cleaner reviews.

Why We Like It – Eureka Easy Clean 71B

For a small vacuum, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B still packs a mean punch and is intelligently designed to lift pet hair from furniture, with a Riser Visor system that makes cleaning stairs a cinch.

  • Can be used on carpets, bare floors, and furniture
  • Powerful suction lifts pet hair
  • Riser Visor system is great on stairs
  • It isn’t battery-powered
  • Only comes with a crevice tool

Power, Speed & Efficiency

Running the Eureka Easy Clean 71B is 120V and has a 5.5 amp motor. On the other end that gives you ample suction power for lifting pet hair from carpets and upholstery alike. But its power doesn’t stop there, it can also vacuum over bare floors. Since this is a handheld vacuum, speed is less of a factor, but efficiency is. This is best seen with its Riser Visor system, in combination with the brush roller. You’ll get to vacuum every inch of your stairs, at any angle, making it the best vacuum for stairs. Not even the all-powerful Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaners have that.

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Bin Capacity, Maintenance & Durability

Bin capacity is on the smaller side—just 0.2 ounces—but that’s to be expected from handheld vacuums. For comparison, the Miele Complete C3 Marin has a capacity of 152 ounces. This is corded, not battery-powered like some models of Black Decker and Dirt Devil. Durability is solid and lightweight, albeit cheap plastic.


Is the Eureka Easy Clean 71B worth investing in? For starters, it’s cheap—just under $60. The purpose is very limiting, but it’s incredibly efficient in what it’s designed to do. We wouldn’t suggest you use this as your main vacuum, rather as a way to detail your furniture. For more top to bottom cleaning, however, perhaps you’ll consider investing in the Dyson V11 Vacuum instead. Better yet, there are alternative Eureka models, such as Eureka EasyClean Stick Vacuums and Eureka Easy Clean Upright Vacuums.

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Eureka Easy Clean 71B Wrap Up

The Eureka Easy Clean 71B has a niche purpose, one that it carries out with power and efficiency. You’ll see it when you transfer from carpet to bare floors, then to stairs with its Riser Visor system. While not battery powered, at least with a corded vacuum you’ll always get consistent performance.

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