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Finding a robot vacuum that isn’t deafening can be an issue. However, if you want the best robot vacuum with excellent performance, long battery life, and smart assistant integration to boot, look towards the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C. Compare these Robovacs with our Samsung robot vacuum review to ensure you’re making the right choice. Not only does it perform well, but it also isn’t any louder than a microwave running. If you want a slightly more expensive robotic vacuum, take a look at the iRobot Roomba 980 review. When you’re ready to see more upright cleaners, check out our best vacuum cleaner reviews.

Why We Like It – Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C

The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C provides all the necessary smart assistant integration, long battery life, and quiet power necessary in a robotic vacuum cleaner. Compare the BoostIQ with our iLife Vacuum review if you’re not sure which vacuum is best for you. Compare this model with the slightly more expensive DeeBot D45 robotic vacuum review.

  • Powerful suction, yet very quiet
  • Really long battery life
  • Smart assistant integration
  • Will have to empty dustbin frequently
  • A bit expensive


The most impressive feature the RoboVac 30C is touting is its suction power. This robotic vacuum is wielding 1500Pa in suction power, which is ideal for both hard floors and medium carpets—not to mention 200Pa more than the BoostIQ RoboVac 11S. With its Upgraded BoostIQ, it can easily adapt to varying surfaces. Furthermore, you can cut it off from specific areas by using magnetic boundary strips. It’ll sense them and move away.

One of the best parts is how quiet the smart Eufy RoboVac is, only ever reaching about 55 decibels. To sweeten the deal, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C will run an easy 100 minutes before it needs charging, which is 10 minutes shorter than the Ecovacs DEEBOT N79S.

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Aesthetically speaking, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C isn’t breaking new grounds compared to other vacuum cleaners. It looks like your typical robot vacuum cleaner. It’s hefty for a robot vacuum, weighing in at 6 pounds. Its dimensions are 12.79 x 12.79 x 2.85 inches, so it isn’t too small or too big. A remote control is available, but you’ll probably use the mobile app along with its app controls, provided it’s connected to your Wi-Fi network.

To make its excellent performance possible, there’s three brushes—2 side brushes and a roller brush—and a powerful suction used; otherwise known as a 3-point cleaning system. Its dustbin fills pretty fast, which doesn’t hold a whole lot anyway; a side effect of its excellent performance.

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Given how well the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C performs, it’s already a great value. That value then compounds when you consider its drop-sensing technology, 9 anti-collision infrared sensors to prevent the robot from bumping into stuff, and its smart assistant integration with Google Assistant (Google Home) and Amazon Alexa, allowing voice controls.

With that said, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C is a bit on the expensive side. This probably shouldn’t be your first robot vacuum, but it’s definitely an upgrade if you’ve been using a cheap model—especially one that self-charges and can have a cleaning schedule like the RoboVac 30C, which is done through the EufyHome app. If you’ve never used a robot vacuum, consider the ILIFE V3s Pro before moving on with the 30C.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C Wrap Up

While the dustbin fills pretty fast and it’s a bit on the pricier side, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C is well worth the price. This is especially true when you take into consideration its excellent 3-point cleaning system, battery life, voice assistant integration, and vacuum scheduling. That’s exactly what you look for in robot vacuums.

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