Eton BoostTurbine Hand Crankable Battery is Apocalypse Approved

Solar chargers, while logical are holy impractical, especially once our sun burns out, or at the very least night sets in.  If you’re in a pinch, what are you to do?

The Eton BoostTurbine 2000 is a back up battery pack designed to charge just about any of your 5V, USB based devices.  Plug in your iPhone or Android device and it should provide a complete or almost complete charge.  It’s of the 1amp ilk, which means it can charge your iPad, though at half the speed at which it charges your iPhone, but it will work nonetheless.

What makes the Eton BoostTurbine 2000 unique is that it features a hand turbine power generator, also known as a hand crank.  If you didn’t know, Eton employs this tech in a variety of their hand crankable radios, so it’s a logical transition for the company.  So if you’re in a pinch, and have no juice left in either your phone or BoostTurbine, you can set about cranking the handle for 1-minute, which will fetch you a 30-second call or a few text messages.

Eton says the BoostTurbine 2000 is made from aluminum to make it both light weight and rugged.  The hand crank is clearly intended for those moments when you’re in a pinch, where as the micro-USB input is for charging it up by way of the grid.  To check the battery’s remaining juice there is a button that activates 4 LED lights, which we assume also serves as a power switch.

The Eton BoostTurbine is also available in a 1000mAh version and retails for $49 ($10 more for the 2000 version).  They come in black, white, red, or silver.

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  1. Test results from a real review:

    “Took roughly two hours of cranking to gain 25-percent capacity.

    One hour of charging delivers 20-30 percent capacity to the phone, as tested with a Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4S, and HTC Rezound.

    At 2000 mAh, it lacks the capacity to effectively charge laptops and
    tablets. Phones, MP3 players, and other 5V personal electronics are all
    fair game.”

  2. It’s mind blowing that there are people pretentious enough to tell you to rename your blog or change your format because they didn’t get what thought they were going to. You’ve wasted 80 precious seconds of their time, time that they can’t get back.

  3. I agree with the initial poster. If your site is called Gadget REVIEW, then it should be full of REVIEWS, not just info I can get at the main product site. Rename your site – Crap We Already Knew.

  4. It is not a review if all you do is parrot the marketing material. All of this information is already on every site in the world that actually sells the product. What we want to know is how did it work for you. Is the hand crank a gimmick or is it practical. How does this device perform in real life. I don’t think you quite grasp the point of a blog…

    1. It’s not a review. Why did you think it was a review? Did you type that into Google and assume Google gives you exactly what you typed in?

      1. Err… I guess the name of your website then is misleading. “Gadget Review” you kind of expect there to be reviews of gadgets on there. Bit of a fail?

        1. How presumptuous of you! Gadget Review is a blog for reposting content from stores discriptions of products. Why would you ASSUME there was going to be a review?

    2. The websites that sell them also post reviews. Go complain to amazon that they’re a store and not a review site and need to change their format or name because you didn’t get exactly what you wanted once.

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