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Finding the best radar detectors with Laser Jammer may not be on everyone’s wishlist, but there are plenty of reasons why everyone would love to have the Escort ZR5 on their side because it would dismantle police radar so it is ineffective and keeps you on the way to your destination without a worry.

Why We Like It – Escort ZR5

The Escort ZR5 uses the latest and greatest technology from Escort to help you become undetectable from any speed traps and radar guns you may encounter while out on the road. This laser jammer is the ultimate defense against traffic tickets, and it incorporates technologies like wifi to stay up to date.

  • Escort Live App will keep you posted on the communities’ updates
  • ShifterMax Sensors keeps the operations low profile
  • Requires professional installation


To cloak your car away from any radar guns, the Escort radar ZR5 laser device uses the two Escort Shifter Max Laser jamming heads. The control module in your car will let you know about any incoming radar by tone and voice alert through the pre-installed speaker. Once the laser jammers have notified you, it is up to you to drastically turn down your speed in order to avoid any suspicion from the police. If you would like to see more from Escort, take a look at is the Escort ZW5.


The laser radar defense system will give you more than enough time to reduce your speed. The officers will never have a clue about your life in the fast lane. Aside from the device’s functionality, the Escort Live App will serve as an extension of the distance it can cover. The updates from the users will tell you about any local traffic obstructions and cameras before your radar even gets a chance to detect it. If you want to check out more versatile products, you may want to take a look at the AntiLaser Priority.


The Escort ZR5 has an extensive setup featuring a controller, ShifterMac Bridge Max, Two laser ShiftMax sensors, and an interface. They definitely recommend hiring a professional installer so that you have no initial problems with the device due to a faulty installation. You can go a step further and ask about insurance plans in the event that the sensors on your car’s grill decide to take a ride with the wind.

Ease of Use

Once the installation has been completed, you can experience the power of the radar detectors. The Shiftmax Sensors can be installed in just about anywhere in your car since it is a small build. On this device, you can adjust power, volume, mute, and modes. The laser shifters don’t have many controls to offer since it mainly detects laser signals, but you want to make sure that whoever installs it knows what they are doing or risk your product not working at all. Once you have set up your device, you can go on and collaborate with the Escort Live app to keep your community in the loop with speed cameras and other traffic obstructions.


While this device may not have a budget price, there is no doubt that it will pay its debt to you by letting you know about any upcoming radars trying to catch you speeding. You can link with the Escort community and figure out where the false alerts are at, so you have a better view of the real issues. The fewer tickets you accumulate, the less money you waste. If you have not to be convinced of the power magnitude of this device, you may want to look at another product like The Blinder HP-905.

Escort ZR5 Wrap Up

While the Escort ZR5 laser jammer is a bit of a complicated device that may need some more funds to be installed properly, once it is set up, you will have the ability to intercept and reject any radar laser guns trying to identify your speed. This laser jammer will give you the time and power to be prepared for any oncoming police radar in your route.

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