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The Escort ZR4 laser detector is the ultimate defense against some of the latest laser radar guns today and it is among the best radar detectors with Laser Jammer available. This jammer will keep you updated on the radars surrounding you and will give you enough time to reduce your speed to the limit of the particular street.

Why We Like It – Escort ZR4

The next best thing aside from being able to detect laser radar guns is to block them altogether from reading your speed. The Escort ZR4 laser jammer is precisely the device to complete this job for you. These high performance laser jammers can get you out of speed traps and save you money in the long run.

  • Speed muting helps read certain speeds and mute the noise
  • Manual mode helps the device avoid detection from other devices
  • Only 2 header design


When radar laser guns are detected, not only does the device notify you through voice and tone alerts, it will cloak your car from the radar so you can pass the guns with ease. You must take a chunk of your time and dedicate it to installing the laser jammer’s transceivers correctly. The device can detect radar from the front and the rear. If you would like how the competition differs in design, another product worth checking out is The Whistler CR68.


Customers have revealed that the Escort radar detectors have a great sensitivity when finding lasers worth jamming. With having more time on your hands, you will be able to adjust your speed to a lower level safely rather than abruptly.


The laser jammer’s durability will depend on many factors. Initially, you want to make sure you have the heads properly installed so you can successfully cloak your car from a speed trap. Any error in the installation may cost you the entire performance. If you have the option to add on a protection plan I don’t see it’s not a good idea after all these products will definitely cost a pretty penny to take home.

Ease of Use

As long as you follow the user guide to the T, you will have a fairly simple time setting up the interface module and all that jazz. You must set up the front and rear laser on your vehicle to properly detect incoming lasers. On the main module, you will find classic options like mute, volume, and the off switch. There is a separate mute button that will disarm all receivers within a certain speed. If you would like to look at more laser shifters by Escort, another great product you may be interested in is the Escort Max Ci 360.


While these Escort laser jammer models may cost a little more than a regular laser detector, the benefits that you get from the jammer are way better than the detector. With the jammer, as long as you aren’t flying down the highway at lightspeed, the likely scenario is that when police try to record your speed they will be unable to tell that you are going 10 or 15 miles over the limit. If that has not sold you yet, it may be time to take a look at something like the AntiLaser Priority.

Escort ZR4 Wrap Up

Radar guns won’t be able to tell you are cruising down the road at slightly faster speeds with the Escort ZR4 by your side. Aside from jamming the radar laser guns from the police, this device will alert you on incoming red light and speed cameras to make sure you don’t ever get a speeding ticket again. The biggest challenge may be to install the product, but it will be smooth sailing after you get through it.

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