Escort Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Finding the Best Cordless Radar Detector can be difficult when there are countless different combinations of features that each product offers. The Escort solo s2 cordless radar detector is a portable device that you can place practically anywhere in your car. Even at its compact size, this laser detector still packs a mighty punch by extending its range far and wide to track down the radar guns around you to prepare you for the worst. Although it might not be the best radar detector, it is a great product.

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Why We Like It – Escort Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector

The Escort solo s2 cordless radar detector makes a great sidekick during any road trip because all it needs are some AA batteries and it is ready to go to work. This detector will have your back like Robin did for Batman by providing all band protection, so any radar coming your way will be sought out and you will have the opportunity to adjust your speed to acceptable levels.

  • Autosensitivity mode helps prevent false alarms
  • The cordless design saves clutter in your car
  • Some customers claim that the suction cup design was faulty


The Solo S2 performance laser device provides coverage on the X band, K band, Ka bands which will help you sense any radar gun, traffic camera, or safety warning system. It uses digital signal processing which provides a far better range and results in fewer false alerts. If you would like to invest more money into your next detector, another model to look out for is the Escort solo s4 radar detector. With the Solo S2, you can customize a total of 10 features, such as the Autopower, audio tones, and dark mode to make the device work in your own unique way. You can jump from city to highway mode to turn off some bands at certain times to increase detection precision.

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While this device may provide wide coverage through the Ka band and other bands, the battery powered design may mean that your signal strength will rely on how much juice your batteries have. Make sure to have some extra batteries available while using this device to maximize your detection abilities. If you would like to see more detectors with a long range view, another product you may want to watch for is the Uniden R3 extreme long range radar laser.


The Escort device uses a plastic shell, so even if you throw it around your car lightly it will still work just fine. It heavily relies on batteries to function properly, so if you don’t want to carry around an extra pair in your car you may want to go with a corded laser radar detectors to not worry about battery life.

Ease of Use

With the Solo S2, there is a simple design that you will be able to get the hang of in no time. The front end of the device has a power button. There are lights that will indicate when you are in highway or city mode. The volume button will also be on the front alongside the program “PGM” button. It also includes an earphone jack so you don’t annoy your passengers with the constant reminder of the nearest radar. If you would like to see what the competition offers, feel free to take a gander at the Valentine One radar detector.


This Escort cordless detector has a one year limited warranty, so in case of any defects, the Escort company will take care of you. In addition to that, the AA batteries included will save you a couple of bucks during your first use of the Solo S2 radar detector. One thing to note was that some customers said that the windshield mount did not work as they had thought and the suction cups had failed to provide a sturdy feel. Luckily with this model, you can place it in a variety of places and it will work as long as there are some batteries powering it up.

Escort Solo S2 Cordless Radar Detector Wrap Up

Customer reviews revealed that the Escort solo s2 cordless radar detector is a great product because it provided them with the notifications they needed on the road. With the programmable features, you can tune this device to your frequency and reap the benefits of laser detection. The Escort Solo S2 radar loses the power cord but still provides laser protection with the help of two AA batteries.

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